10 Netflix recommendations by the CLTure staff

CLTure Staff

We here at CLTure are dedicated to guiding you toward the very best entertainment in Charlotte, even if that entertainment is already in your house. Every month, our staff writers and creatives will help you sift through the myriad of options on Netflix to help you find very the best movies, documentaries, and TV series. Here are some of our current favorites:

DISTRICT 13 (movie) – Known in its native country, France, as B13 and produced by the ever-enthralling Luc Besson. This 2004 parkour-focused actioner centers around an overrun, poor suburb outside of Paris which is closed off from the city, and whose streets are crawling with gang activity. Their only opposition, a group lead by Leito (David Belle), a man with tight connections and lightning  fast reflexes. When the Paris P.D. discover that the main gang in District 13 plan to set off a bomb, local cop Damien (Cyril Raffaelli), is sent in to stop it. Partnering with Leito, the two must set aside their differences to locate the bomb and stop it from destroying the city. If any of this sounds familiar, this is the original version of the 2014 American film Brick Mansions, made famous for being the late Paul Walker’s last film. – Douglas Davidson, Film Writer

A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (movie) – It’s the most captivating Iranian horror film with Western and film noir influences that I can imagine. The main character is a skateboarding vampire. She is so exceptionally odd that you can’t help but want to see her either fall in love or kill again. Especially because she is incredibly awkward doing both. – Kimberly Casanova, Photographer

MAN ON WIRE (documentary) – Before (or after) you see Joseph Gordon-Levitt gingerly walk across a wire that hangs a quarter mile off the ground in Robert Zemeckis’ vertigo-inducing The Walk you must check out the documentary that inspired, and preceded it. Man on Wire won the 2008 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, and it’s as thrilling as any heist movie out there. Directed by James Marsh (The Theory of Everything), it tells the tale of quirky Frenchman Philippe Petit and his desire to break into New York’s Twin Towers to achieve what would become his greatest stunt; culminating in a high anxiety, harness-free wire walk between the tops of two buildings that will leave you breathless. – Sean Titone, Photographer, Film & Music  Writer

MELANCHOLIA (movie) – This slow paced, beautifully shot movie about the impact mental illness has on a close knit family is told through the metaphor of a small planet crashing into Earth. The film is divided into two chapters centered on two sisters, one suffering with chronic depression and suicidal tendencies, and one that manages to be the rational backbone of her dysfunctional family. Melancholia manages to fully depict the struggles of both sides of this issue, a human struggling to be heard and express herself, and another that struggles to reach out while keeping her own life together. Starring Kirsten Dunst, John Hurt, and Kiefer Sutherland. – Alison Tracy, Comedy Writer

THE MONSTER SQUAD (movie) – The Goonies meets Dracula and other classic horror monsters in this gem from the 80’s. Everyone is looking for movies to watch for Halloween and this one is good for the whole family. The feeling of nostalgia will attract millennials while their kids will get to experience not-too-scary versions of monsters they have only seen at Party City. – Eric Cutchin, Photographer

TIG (movie) – Comedian Tig Notaro welcomes us into her life after her cancer diagnosis,and now famous resulting standup set. This invitation into her raw, virtually unfiltered world is as refreshing as it is entertaining. A great reminder that life keeps happening, and you can choose to keep happening with it. – Stephanie Harris, Theatre/Arts/Food Writer

TOUCHING THE VOID (documentary) – My eyes were glued to the screen when I watched Touching the Void. A visually stunning documentary about two British climbers that attempted to climb the Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. The initial climb was a success, but it was the way down that proved disastrous and a true test of character and survival instinct. – Erin Maddrey, Business & Fashion Writer

THE UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT (series) – The spunky protagonist of this Netflix original series has recently moved to New York after being rescued from an underground doomsday cult and dubbed a “mole woman.”  A delayed coming of age comedy, Kimmy is forever naively upbeat while making it in the Big Apple with her boisterous and broke actor roommate and her unhinged landlord. From the opening credits, creator Tina Fey broadcasts humor, wit and unabashed female empowerment that continues through the entire season. – Nikki Panos, Food Writer

THE VERDICT (movie) – Director Sidney Lumet’s simmering courtroom drama is one of my favorite movies. Paul Newman stars an an alcoholic, ambulance chasing lawyer who seeks personal redemption by bucking his clients’ wish to settle a medical malpractice lawsuit involving their incapacitated child. Playwright David Mamet’s screenplay so beautifully and thoroughly stacks the odds against our hero that nearly any ending would be believable; and still, The Verdict’s verdict always manages to take my breath away. – Dan Cava, Film Editor

WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE? (Documentary) Detailing the complex life of the talented pianist, singer, songwriter, civil rights activist and North Carolina native Nina Simone, this documentary tells the story of one of the most uniquely talented musicians of our lifetime. Told through the perspective of her daughter and her abusive ex-husband, the documentary also reveals rare footage of Miss Simone on stage and candid moments of her speaking about her own life and music. The documentary captures an artist in the peak of her professional career whilst struggling with notoriety, animosity, political strife, domestic abuse and self-worth. – Cameron Lee, Founder 

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