Women’s Showcase: A Festival of Femmes (Preview)

By CLTure

January 12, 2015

The old Goodyear Tire building uptown has been taken over by a myriad of artists and vendors over the past six months. On January 17th a host of female creators will be added to that roster. Produced by local dancers and choreographers, Sarah Ingle and Megan Payne, the Women’s Showcase aims to create a space that celebrates the accomplishments of female artists, specifically movement makers. The festival will showcase performances by female choreographers and performance artists, as well visual artists, researchers, and musicians. In addition to highlighting the work of female artists of various mediums, Women’s Showcase seeks to further strengthen the performing arts community in Charlotte by bringing artists together and creating a dialogue between the audience and performers concerning work that is being made through the female lens.

The Women’s Showcase debuted a year ago at Neighborhood Theatre to an enthusiastic and diverse audience. This year’s festival features work by local choreographers Audrey Baran, Amanda Grant, Allie Nunweiler, Emily Ramirez, Savannah Schoenborn, Brittany Skala, Camerin Watson, and Arlynn Zachary. Other Carolina-based artists include Emily Elizabeth Aiken, Blakeney Bullock, Caroline Daniel, Lauren Haug, Gaby Soto-Lemus, Caitlyn Swett, Kathryn Ullom, and Alexandra Joye Warren, as well as Jesse Keller from Martha’s Vineyard. The evening also will feature film work by Lianna Elizabeth, Megan Payne, and Georden West. That’s quite a lineup, but don’t be intimidated by the extensive program. Like most events thus far in the Skyline Artists in Residence at Goodyear, the evening will be relaxed, engaging, and FREE. Our boys in blue will be taking the field at BofA Stadium earlier in the day for for first NFL playoff game, but you can cap off the night by supporting some fierce female artists who exude just as much talent and perseverance! #keepcreating


Sunday, January 17th @ Goodyear | 100 E. Stonewall St.
Doors 7:30pm | Show 8:00pm | FREE

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