Album Review: Meat & Potatoes by Stereoloud

By Kia the Writer

Boom baps, spray can shakes, and experimental instrumentation blend to form foundational hip-hop driven background rhythms to the motivational rhymes of Stereoloud on their latest EP Meat & Potatoes.

MC Exactly and DJ Ray

The November 25th release of the Meat & Potatoes EP serves as a follow-up to the June 2014 Rocket Fuel. Stereoloud, DJ Ray and Emcee Exactly, explain that this EP serves as the “sun to Rocket Fuel’s moon.” This time around the pair decided to go with a more raw and organic sound instead of the more synthesized/electronic beats that dominated the Rocket Fuel album.

For hip-hop heads looking for some headphone music, Meat & Potatoes is just the sonic serving you need. Emcee Exactly serves up a lyrically positive barrage of stanza for your ear canal to consume. To catch all the gems he drops, you will most certainly need to put this EP on repeat.


On this album, DJ Ray gives listeners an underground sound reminiscent of Pharcyde meets Das EFX boom baps blended with organic sounds such as spray can rattles, bubbling water, and vinyl crackles. Emcee Exactly provides a rhyme cadence reminiscent of E-40 with that irreverent disregard for the beat when he goes into his lyrical double speed flow. Throughout the EP, Emcee Exactly provides healthy servings of positive-vibe, real life inspired lyrics similar to a retro De La Soul album. Stand out tracks on Meat & Potatoes includes Source, Formula, Optimist Prime, and Fresh.

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