We found the world’s next huge international superstar, her name is Arlissa

By Cameron Lee (Photo: Arlissa.com)

February 4, 2017

Scrolling through your facebook news feed these days can be quite the task. Seeing political posts, selfie, animal video, promotion, rant, and headline-driven articles repeated over and over to nauseating levels can make you very depressed. But still, we resentfully do it to keep track of things we love, like music. A few days ago I came across a post from a friend who’s music opinion I really value (happens to be A Tribe Called Quest’s tour manager and DJ). I clicked the video (I rarely do) and was immediately astounded by the voice coming from the mouth of U.K artist, Arlissa. Let’s not lie, she’s breathtakingly gorgeous so that probably affected my immediate reaction. Nonetheless, I was curious of where she came from, and why I had never heard of her until now. So we did a little research.

Here’s what we found out:

Here full name is Arlissa Ruppert.

She’s 24 years old, of half German and American descent, raised in London.

She collaborated with Nas in 2013 on a track called “Hard to Love Somebody.”

She was signed to London Records at 19 (2012) and soon after to Roc Nation, although she is not currently listed on their roster.

She had a song called “Sticks & Stones” that reached #48 in the UK Singles Chart in 2013.

Arlissa is also a model for Premier Model Management agency.

She may or may not be working with legendary music producer Rick Rubin.

RICK. RICK. RICK. I have no words for what this week has been. ❤

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She is due to release an EP in 2017 according to her modeling bio page.

We’re pretty sure she’ll be the next big international superstar so be sure to follow her journey on instagram, facebook, and twitter.

More music from Arlissa:

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