Balance and Composure bring newly revived sound and experience to Charlotte this week

By Delaney Clifford (Cover photo: Andi Elloway)

April 23, 2017

Balance and Composure is a band redefining their genre at every turn. The five-piece post-punk group hails from Doylestown, Pennsylvania and has released nine separate productions since the band united in the winter of 2007. Their most recent full-length record was a step into new territory for the band’s sound, featuring electronic drums and a more experimental sound overall, stemming primarily from vocalist Jon Simmons’ choices in his presentation and tone.

With Balance and Composure’s 2011 debut album, Separation, the band established themselves as a powerhouse of emotional lyricism and songs that would range anywhere between softer ballads such as “Echo” and balls-to-the-wall anthems like “I Tore You Apart In My Head.” Separation achieved instant acclaim and skyrocketed the group to the top of fan’s favorites lists. Two years later, the band released sophomore full length The Things We Think We’re Missing, a record that displayed a new controlled dynamic as well as the hard-hitting sound that fans had become accustomed to. This record still seems to stand as a reflection on their younger sound and how far they could push the envelope; that push was definitely achieved on the band’s third full-length, Light We Made.


Speaking on the inspiration for the new sound, drummer Bailey Van Ellis said “it wasn’t a very conscious decision; we all just got bored of playing what everyone was expecting us to play. We wanted to experiment with different instruments and tones, and just make something different.”

Different is absolutely what Balance and Composure has achieved, adding in a spectacular light show to their live performance to highlight the presence of their new music, and creating an experience unlike anything they’ve performed previously. Speaking on what’s to come for their tour with From Indian Lakes, Van Ellis said, “we’re putting out a seven-inch on Record Store Day called Slow Heart…we’ll be playing one song from that on this tour.” No matter if you’re a new listener or a veteran, this band’s live set is not one to miss out on, especially on this tour.

Catch Balance and Composure with From Indian Lakes in Charlotte at The Underground on April 26.

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