Beach House releases new song, announce project, and sell-out Charlotte show

By Shirley Griffith

May 17, 2017

Have you ever submerged your head underneath bathwater, eyes closed to shield away the harsh world, and waited there quietly, patiently suspended until you can hear the silence slowly becoming more than itself, a nothingness replaced with an undeniable calamitous force? Then you open your eyes and take a breath while the bright, glossy tiles surrounding you creates a brilliant burning in your pupils and you smell wetness and feel within yourself something elemental and alert. Like a tide within yourself that you can hear calling out in a forgotten way.


These complex and murky emotions are conveyed by Baltimore, Maryland dream pop band, Beach House. Their music is simultaneously heavy and soft, urgent and calming, but above all, powerfully gorgeous. Since releasing not one, but two, highly-beloved albums in 2015, Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars the band has been busy collecting enough B-sides to release a full collection aptly titled, B-Side And Rarities. Beach House put out a statement on Wednesday that these B-sides are just previously unreleased A-sides; songs that just didn’t vibe with the other selections on previous releases. The compilation will contain all 14 songs that do not exist on any of their records, including two new tracks, “Chariot” and “Baseball Diamond” (both recorded during the Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars sessions) and one track that dates all the way back to 2005. “Chariot” was released with their statement on Wednesday and the new album will be out June 30 via Sub Pop records.

Beach House plays Neighborhood Theatre on Wednesday, May 24 with Indiana’s Louie Louie. Unfortunately for anyone who hasn’t yet acquired a ticket, the show is already sold-out, but luckily CLTure is giving away two tickets to the show (Congrats to Aimee Abel). For those with tickets, Beach House is also a very grounded band and understands the value of hearing your favorite song. If you go onto their website’s setlist creator for the Charlotte show you’re able to choose three songs out of their catalog that you’d like to hear. I’ve already chosen “Other People,” “Majorette,” and “Elegy To The Void,” so have at it, and pick some goodies.

Want to win two tickets to the sold-out show?

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