Bernie Sanders, Dr. Cornel West, Killer Mike and Nina Turner discuss the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King


January 18, 2016

Prior to Sunday’s presidential debate in Charleston, S.C, Bernie Sanders sat down with rapper and activist Killer Mike (Run The Jewels), Dr. Cornel West and former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner for an informal conversation about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy on the eve of the federal holiday marking the birthday of the late civil rights leader.

“I was sitting in church today, Mother Emanuel Church, and we were reading the words of Martin Luther King Jr. and it just makes you shake and quiver,” Dr. Cornel West said. “And I said to myself, ‘This is what the Sanders campaign is about. This is what it’s about. It’s about the poor, working people. It’s about keeping track of the weak and the vulnerable. It’s about mustering the courage to tell the truth about Wall Street, about wealth inequality.”

Killer Mike, who is one of Sanders’ biggest supporters, said Dr. King was killed “for many of the same reasons this man is campaigning for.”

“He was killed because he spoke against the military-industrial complex,” Mike said. “He was killed because he had the courage to say it and had the courage to demand it out of corporations.”

Watch the full conversation here (starts at 1:05):

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