Big Gigantic isn’t your typical EDM group

 By Jose Mujica

February 10, 2018

If you’re not aware of the musical duo known as Big Gigantic yet, you may be one of the last holdouts in Charlotte. The line stretched down Hamilton St. as fans lined up to enter The Fillmore last night, the latest stop in the group’s 2018 Got The Love tour. Inside the venue, the growth Big Gigantic has experienced in the last year was clear as the crowd seemed significantly larger than it did at their stop in Charlotte in February of 2017, but despite the crowded near capacity environment, everyone seemed in good spirits and eager to put their dancing kicks to good use.

Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic. Photo by Brian Twitty

Big Gigantic has become one of the more exciting acts in the modern EDM scene with their expert blend of electronic music, hip hop, jazz and funk mixed into hypnotic dance numbers that end up seeming more like full body experiences than simple songs, especially at their live shows. With musical progressions that feel like roller coasters, live instrumentation, a healthy amount of sax solos, lasers and psychedelic cartoon visuals, it’s easy to understand how the group came up with their name. Big Gigantic shows are grand celebrations of joy that leave the audience simultaneously exhausted and eager for more. Last night in Charlotte was no different.

Photo by Brian Twitty

The setlist becomes difficult to recall as they blend their songs together into long extravagant opuses at their shows. Long time fans in the audience made their presence felt when they heard some of the more familiar hits, such as their Griz collab, “Good Times Roll” or their song that features Logic, “All Of Me.” One of the highlights of the evening was their “Notorious Thugs” remix of fellow big brethren, the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Spit Your Game.” The energy created when hundreds of people loudly recite Biggie lyrics while breaking it down to EDM drops is unparalleled. Of course this wasn’t a washed up band dusting off the old hits, the Colorado duo had some surprises up their sleeves as they unveiled unreleased music with fellow EDM DJs, NGHTMRE and Snails. Grimy tracks that brought some of the much-clamored for “wubs” that bassheads have grown to demand, the drops that provoke the collective “Ooooh!” and stank face from the crowd.

Jeremy Salken of Big Gigantic. Photo by Brian Twitty

By the time the almost 2 hour set was over, it seemed as though only a fraction of the time had passed. Gigantic grabs your attention and does not relinquish it until they see fit, throughout their roller coaster experience of sensory stimulation that I’m sure many are still recovering from this morning. It’s easy to see how they’ve climbed the ranks of festival lineups.

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