Rain, rain, go away, come again another day, a review of Breaking Benjamin in Charlotte

By Jared Allen

January 23, 2016

Back in 2004, Breaking Benjamin offered fans an escape with their final track on We Are Not Alone. Despite not performing “Rain” on Saturday night in Charlotte, the deeper meaning of the track seemed fitting for the band’s sold out spectacle. On a day in which citizens across the United States gathered solidarity, others did the same, but on a smaller scale with one of today’s rock heavyweights.

Breaking Benjamin brought out the entire Queen City, yet again, selling out their second of three shows in North Carolina on this current tour. The Fillmore Charlotte filled to the brim and continued to scan tickets as Breaking Benjamin took the stage. The lights dimmed down as the Pennsylvania natives hit the stage, opening with one of their biggest singles to date, “So Cold.”

Breaking Benjamin
Photo by Jared Allen

Despite showcasing a relatively new lineup, Breaking Benjamin didn’t deprive fans of their favorite, decade-old tracks. The quintet seamlessly rolled into Phobia’s “Sooner or Later” and “Blow Me Away,” the renowned the single that featured in Halo 2. Front man Benjamin Burnley shared the spotlight with both guitarist Keith Wallen and bassist Aaron Bruch. Burnley’s bandmates fronted “Simple Design” and “Evil Angel” flawlessly which has become routine for two musicians that boast the qualities need to lead any band.

Breaking Benjamin continued to feed the crowd with relentless energy and hit after hit. The smoke cannons that flanked the band unloaded at each and every power point in song after song, igniting the crowd on each explosion. Breaking Benjamin didn’t waste much time and plowed through a 16-song set list in just under 90 minutes. The majority of bands might struggle to construct a that lengthy of a set, however for Breaking Benjamin, it feels like they’re just scratching the surface. With five studio albums, each filled with heart pounding hits, Breaking Benjamin could perform relatively any song from their catalog and receive a round of deafening cheers.

Breaking Benjamin-2
Photo by Jared Allen

Although, there’s one song that Breaking Benjamin’s sold-out audience couldn’t live without: “The Diary of Jane.” The rockers left their best for last and unveiled the chart-topping hit to an illuminated audience. Burnley commanded that he see everyone’s faces, not just those that made up the first couple rows. Between the bright chandeliers that dangled from the ceiling and the countless phones that brightened the crowd’s faces, Burnley got his wish. Breaking Benjamin powered through Phobia’s lead single and ultimately capped off the night in a way that only a diehard Breaking Benjamin fan would expect – with John Williams’ Star Wars theme music.

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