New Music Premiere: Charlotte’s Cameron Floyd releases ‘First, Forgive Yourself’

By Delaney Clifford

January 27, 2017

Cameron Floyd is a singer/songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina, debuting his second studio album First, Forgive Yourself. The album features a blend of style and genre, ranging from country-inspired folk-acoustic all the way to R&B with a touch of rap thrown into the mix. The general lyrical inspiration seems to stem from Floyd’s romantic life, with song titles like “Tiffany,” “You Are What I’m Here For,” and “Miss Popular.” These songs showcase Floyd’s handle on love, relaying his experiences in relationships and the hardships that come with that dynamic. “Miss Popular” in particular features lyrics that depict the apprehensive environment surrounding the first impression with the girl that everyone has their eyes on, an interesting shift from his other love-related songs, showing a little taste of Floyd’s humble side.

First, Forgive Yourself Cover-2

Speaking to the two sides of that humility, Floyd’s song “More” describes the feelings of being a stepping stone in a woman’s life while on her way to someone bigger or better, and refusing to settle into this role. Floyd sings “I want to be more than you want me to be…I’ll do more than he’ll do,” wearing his heart on his sleeve, and proud of it. Floyd’s lyricism may be heavily based in romance, but it doesn’t encompass the entire album, with songs like the closing track, “January” stemming away from his ideas and experiences with love and focusing more on time and how its course takes its toll. The song takes a look into Floyd’s past, with his lyrics reminiscing on better days, leading back to how far he’s come since that time in his life. The song’s lyrics read: “The best and worst times of my life were in thirty-one days, oh January, you’ve left me with more to say,” illustrating the importance that Floyd places on that specific month of his past as a crucial part of what made him who he is today. Floyd features lyrics of the same nostalgic nature in other places on the record, but “January” stands alone on the record lyrically.

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Musically, the album is a mix of what Floyd seems to be inspired by. Most of the songs feature a folk-acoustic composition, featuring string sections at certain points and other eclectic curve balls, such as twang guitar and harmonica. There are several songs that venture into R&B territory with a mix of soul and rap thrown in, especially “Surrender” featuring rapper, Whitty. All in all, this record showcases a variety of musical influences and a pretty clear lyrical view into Floyd’s personal life. Fans of Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, and Noah Gundersen will find a home in First, Forgive Yourself.

Be sure to catch Cameron Floyd at The Evening Muse on March 11.

Listen to the new album First, Forgive Yourself by Cameron Floyd

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