Carolina Jubilee ends Summer with a Big Farm Bash

By Amber Donoghue

September 25, 2016

The Carolina Farm Trust is hosting a music festival on September 30 and October 1st at VanHoy Farms, a short one-hour drive to Harmony, NC. The Carolina Jubilee, started in 2015 by organizer Zack Wyatt, founder of the 501(c)(3) Carolina Farm Trust. The Farm Trust and festival was created to help protect farmland and foster an ecosystem of sustainable farming for the Carolinas. When farms lose profit, produce and land, The Carolina Farm Trust steps in to lend a hand with the needs of these hard-working agriculturalists. Wyatt’s focus with the trust is to provide land for growers to farm with a narrow carbon footprint. Keeping things sustainable as possible with energy and water use, he hopes to foster a program that builds the relationship between banker, buyer and farmer.

Wyatt started the Jubilee last year with the intention of raising funds to “get money into the dirt to help Carolina farms.” This year The Jubilee will focus a lot their efforts on helping raise enough money to provide Mary L. Farm, an organic dairy farm, with a pasteurization system. While Wyatt admits that he doesn’t want recognition or attention for this endeavor, he does want everyone to “Come celebrate the end of the summer. Celebrate Carolina heritage.” Seems like a simple request, right?

Zack Wyatt founder of Carolina Farm Trust and Carolina Jubilee

With a focus on great local food provided by Heirloom Restaurant and Mary L. Farm and an excellent selection of Carolina music, these are a few acts I wouldn’t miss.

With Friday’s headliner Susto to helm the ship, it’s going to be an effortless goodbye to summer. This Charleston folk/indie rock band is the real deal. Mixing a sort of conversational storytelling in his lyrics, lead singer Justin Osborne’s voice sounds familiar, even when hearing it for the first time. A Susto show is the musical equivalent of a thought-provoking discussion at a coffee shop with someone you’ve never met, who somehow totally knows all about you. It’s real music that you can identify with because Susto is real. A catchy hook woven into shear honest life experiences we’ve all had; that’s what Osborne sings about. If they aren’t your go-to jam, they should be! This is reason enough to come to The Carolina Jubilee.

Tacoma Narrows, a six-piece folk rock band is as grassroots as it gets. Their freshman album Good Morning (2015) gained a lot of attention across the country. And recently, Tacoma Narrows beat out 6000+ entries in NPR’s “Great Outdoors” contest. Headlining on Saturday this year at the Jubilee, this show is ideal for dancing in an open field under the Carolina night sky. With perfectly blended harmonies with the support of racing strings and a solid beat, Tacoma Narrows’ sound is all too easy to love.

We don’t really have to tell anyone in Charlotte to come see Sinners & Saints. Since 2011 these musicians have been drawing crowds to breweries, local bars and music venues around town. Wildly loved by the region, Sinners & Saints is a cornerstone of Charlotte’s music scene.

Amigo, another Charlotte band, has a country grassroots vibe with a honky tonk piano bar style, and their lyrics tell stories about life’s joys, mistakes and memories., Amigo reminds you that you are human– not complicated, not misunderstood… just human. With tracks like “Where Have All the Bad Times Gone (To)?” Amigo gets our vote for relatable music. Their modern Southern rock nods to the classic history of the roots from which it came. These cats really know how to get you on your feet.

Charleston-based quartette, The High Divers released their debut album, Riverdust, last year showcasing their history of friendship through the universal language. Having played in a classic rock cover band in their early high school days, Luke (lead vocals and guitar) and Kevin Early (bass and backing vocals) really balance the sound of good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll. The band has a wide range of influences including Neil Young, Tom Petty and Wilco.

In 2010 Charlotte got really lucky: The Business People became a band. This post-funk, quarter punk group consists of four guys you would never put together in a room let alone a band. Their unique sound commands your attention and makes you fall in love with their music.

There are 21 acts gracing the stage in the name of a good cause at The Carolina Jubilee. Come camp in the wilderness and look up at the stars that pepper the country sky. Sing, dance, and shake off the cares of the world while you eat amazing local food and drink North Carolina beer with new friends and old. Come be a part of something greater than just a show or festival — be apart of a solution to make our ecosystem, history and sustainable farming stronger.

Check out the full lineup: Carolina Jubilee on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 at VanHoy Farms

A message from Susto: 

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