Beyoncé and Jay-Z release surprise album and video for “APES**T”

By CLTure News

June 16, 2018

In the midst of Yeezy season and at the start of their joint tour, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have released a surprise album Everything is Love. With the buzz of the recently released Nas and Kanye project Nasir garnering all of hip-hop’s attention this week, the timing is curious to say the least. Everything is Love brings back the “Crazy in Love” Jay and Bey we first fell in love with as a duo. “LOVEHAPPY” best represents this with the downtempo slowed-down intimate back-and-forth between the battled couple who have had their public “ups and downs.” With a classic Hov flow and Beyoncé belting “we’re flawed but we’re still perfect for each other,” it’s sure to be a summer banger.

Album cover for ‘Everything is Love’ by The Carters

“APES**T” has been the song that has instantaneously gained mass attention with its rich visuals released as a snippet early in the day. The video was shot in the famed Louvre Museum in Paris, France and directed by Ricky Saiz featuring Quavo of the Migos with production by Pharrell Williams. The images are decadent with Hov delivering the sharpest bars in the album mentioning his declined Super Bowl performance invitation and taking a jab at the Grammys. Beyoncé delivers a trap rap style of rapping/singing that works well, showcasing her vocal versatility with her melodious squeals and ad-libs throughout.

This album is aggressive and refined, delivering several quality songs with the classic rapper and songstress combination that has been heavily void in hip-hop in recent years. “713,” “NICE,” “FRIENDS,” and “BLACK EFFECT” are also standout tracks.

Watch the video for ‘APES**T’ by The Carters and listen to the album via Spotify and Tidal.

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