CLTure Music Fest Preview: RBTS WIN

By Shirley Griffith

June 23, 2015

RBTS WIN is a sample and electronic-based duo based out of Asheville, NC. Javier Bolea moved from Florida to Asheville and met Cliff Worsham; the two quickly starting bouncing music ideas off one another. Ultimately, they teamed up in 2008 to release their first full-length “Palm Sunday” in the spring of 2014. RBTS WIN is a soulful expression of sun-soaked dreams that creates a sweeping, chill-hop atmosphere. Their music intertwines natural elements from Miami’s tropical shores with the magical understatement of the Appalachian Mountains. RBTS WIN’s sound is as easy to lose yourself in as it is to find yourself in.


CLTure: The juxtaposition of your music is one of the most immediate and certainly noteworthy aspects of RBTS WIN’s sound. How do you nurture the musical polarity of what each member brings to the table?

RBTS WIN: Everyone in the band has such varied tastes in music: From 80’s pop music to black metal, hip hop or just plain noise. More so, we are lucky that these styles integrate themselves into our sound organically. While writing, we definitely trust each other to be free in each of our “musical worlds.” We never hold each other back or put up walls. So I guess to nurture our musical polarity is a great way to describe it. It’s about trusting in each other’s’ instincts.

CLTure: “Palm Sunday” is a very uplifting album, sonically corresponding with the Christian holiday Palm Sunday that celebrates Jesus’ triumphant return to Jerusalem. Was the title and feel of the album overall an intentional head-nod to a spiritual coming home and awakening?

RBTS WIN: To be honest, it had nothing to do with religion. It was more about an internal awakening really. Growth of self and connection with nature had a huge part to play in the album. The name was a play on the album prior to “Palm Sunday” called “Palm Casual.” To be honest, I had no idea of the Christian holiday, as my god resides in the temple in my head. We are all our own gods.


CLTure: Are you planning a follow-up album to 2014’s “Palm Sunday”?

RBTS WIN: The follow up LP is probably 80 percent written and the recording process is moving along well so far. No release date as of yet, but we do have a couple EPs dropping soon with a couple CLT rappers. One with Rapper Shane called “Dap City” and one with Schyler Chaise called “The Olympic Flames.” We can’t wait to drop some new tunes on everyone!

CLTure: Your atmospheric presence of sound fits a festival line-up very well and seems to waft itself outdoors on its own accord. Do you as musicians prefer the freeing, more laid-back vibe of festivals even though outside venues come with their own headaches?

RBTS WIN: Really, festivals are fun, but I think we find more fun in playing evening slots. Our music is best with a dim lit setting and lots of fog. Sometimes festival slots can be midday in the blazing sun. I guess we are pretty mellow to have heat stroke to, as well?

CLTure: What is the significance of your symbol, the interconnected polygon within a circle?

RBTS WIN: The “septagram”, designed by Kent Hernandez, is the band’s good luck sign- it emanates positive vibes and deflects bad ones.


CLTure: What about Charlotte and its music scene stand out to you as special?

I think the DIY approach to the Charlotte music scene is key. No need for big time promoters and all that. The people who throw shows and parties in Charlotte know what the common person wants. That’s what we most like about it. No attitude, just real people. We like real people.

Catch RBTS WIN this Saturday at CLTure Music Fest.

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