Danny Brown returns to the Queen City

By Kurt Shackelford

October 25, 2016

Danny Brown will play at The Underground in Charlotte this Friday, October 28 at 7:00pm. He is nearing the end of his The Exhibition 2016 tour, in support of his fourth studio album, Atrocity Exhibition. Opening for Brown is rapper Maxo Kream of Houston and ZelooperZ, fellow Bruiser Brigade member.

Although Danny Brown has been seriously rapping since 2003, he propelled his fame once signing with A-Trak’s co-owned ‘Fool’s Gold Records’ in 2011 and releasing, what some have called the initial album of a creative trilogy, XXX.


The Detroit rapper has always been comically and unusually honest in his lyrics and interviews. In his most recent album, Atrocity Exhibition, we see his confidence and aggressiveness, but we also feel his vulnerability. He portrays the perpetually dark side of drug addiction using experimental production and glitchy horror visuals.

Life is full of contradictions, so why should Danny Brown be any different? From the contradictions within him—perhaps the same basic ones within us all—his creativity flows. Is he the addict or the pusher? A victim or a conqueror? From this friction of opposites, the pain and the humor come. He will show you the darkness, but he will carefully pull the light out of it all to the tune of a few dissonant sounds and heavy beats.

Danny Brown is in Charlotte on Friday, October 28 at The Underground. One thing he is sure to bring is a lot of energy. 

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