Charlotte’s Deep 6 Division wants you to put your money where your mouth is

By Lane Claffee (Cover photo by Justin Driscoll)

January 3, 2017

Charlotte-based hip-hop duo Deep 6 Division recently released their debut, self-titled album through Refresh Records. Consisting of Rapper Shane and Mike Astrea of Astrea Corp, the album is confrontational, pulverizing and menacing with track titles like “F.T.P,” “Threat Communicator,” and “Bridge Burner.” “I feel it mirrors what’s going on in the world all around us,” said Astrea. “Shit feels bleak sometimes.”

Filled with collaborations from Charlotte artists such as Elevator Jay, Erick Lottary, and Terrence Richard from Junior Astronomers, the album is not only full of raucous bangers, but it serves as a showcase of what Charlotte’s music scene has to offer.

Mike Astrea (left) and Rapper Shane (right). Photo by Justin Driscoll

The partnership between Shane and Mike was formed after a few late-night benders and exchanging of stories. The process came naturally. After creating one or two songs just for the sake of creating, they ended up deciding to make a full-length D6D album. Astrea, originally from Florida, moved to Charlotte with his wife (who appears on the track “Frequencies”) and both were able to adapt to Charlotte pretty quickly. “Charlotte has an amazing scene with tons of talent and mutual support for each other over all,” said Astrea.

Deep 6 Division shares this enthusiasm for the local music scene with the record label that released the album, Refresh Records. “They are focused on exposing how amazing Charlotte’s scene is,” said Shane. “Few others have no agenda other than to help an artist succeed, and to have that in your hometown is awesome too. Charlotte is rad, we just need help being heard, that’s where Refresh plays an important role.”

Rapper Shane (left) and Mike Astrea (right). Photo by Justin Driscoll

To Astrea, any of the artists on Refresh can stand their ground outside of Charlotte. “I think just about any act on the roster can be put side by side a national act in a similar genre and totally hold their own,” he noted. But, it’s a matter of being heard, which can be a problem locally, as well. “It seems as if only one neighborhood supports the majority of the music scene when it should be the entire city,” said Shane. For a scene as vibrant-yet-latent as Charlotte’s, labels like Refresh play an integral role in providing a platform for great records like Deep 6 Division‘s latest.

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