Deion Reverie releases sensual Valentine’s inspired EP      

 By Delaney Clifford 

February 14, 2018

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, 25-year old Charlotte-based R&B artist Deion Reverie has brought us his latest release: a four-song EP entitled Sex Tape. The EP is full of longing, craving, and lust, as the young artist has chosen this work to focus heavily on the sexual nature of relationships, rather than the explicitly emotional struggles that his recent releases have featured. Both written and produced by Reverie in a single day, this short and sweet EP will stand as a milestone in his emotional journey and how his music reflects it.

Speaking frankly about the music of Sex Tape, it’s straightforward. These are songs that are made for making love. Not just having sex, but actually making love. Reverie has channeled a great deal of soul and heart through these songs, most recognizably recalling a sound full of reverb and sensual echo over a simple, consistent beat that seems to harken the essence of affection in each note, a sound firmly established in modern R&B with albums like The Weeknd’s Trilogy, a release that Reverie cites as an inspiration for his production.

Sex Tape EP

Compared to his previous release, justbehappy, the emotional tone of this release has brightened significantly, which makes sense, as Reverie states that this release marks “the first time in years that the songs weren’t about being heartbroken or depressed and really focused on the better parts of a relationship.” With the lyrical transition also comes a musical one, and while Reverie has continued to look to artists like James Blake, Bon Iver, and The Weeknd for inspiration, he brings his own personal touch from his post-hardcore and indie roots, such as the ripping guitar solo at the end of “Kissing in Outer Space.” From a musical standpoint, Sex Tape isn’t breaking the mold, but as the old saying goes, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

As Reverie stated, this EP features a completely different lyrical package than the other releases before it. His debut LP justbehappy is full of heartbreak, drug abuse, and the search for something more meaningful in life. One might say that Sex Tape has moved to the other end of the lyrical spectrum, leaning towards a basic desire that requires less introspection, but there’s a lot to be said for sexual passion. Specifically, Reverie seems to have written this EP about the sensation of necessity, needing to be with your partner, craving their physical touch so much that it drives you insane, and in that kind of wanting, there’s a love to be explored. The lyrics may be heavier handed as far as application goes, but it doesn’t make them any less powerful against the stark background of human emotion. Coupled with the monologues by Amanda Stranahan, the EP creates a complete lyrical image of love and sex that listeners cannot escape when listening to Sex Tape.

Deion Reverie

Deion Reverie has proved his lyrical ability, his musical talent, and his knack for production over the course of his short career. With Sex Tape, he’s backed away from the more depressive angles of life, perhaps in search of relief through carnal pleasure. That search for pleasure has brought us a few songs full of love and lust, all the while never straying from the course of simplicity, showing us that sometimes, simplicity is all we need.

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