Deniro Farrar, Elevator Jay and Lute connect on new song and video “Gon’ Be”

By CLTure News

January 13, 2020

Charlotte’s own Deniro Farrar, Elevator Jay and Lute have connected on a new track, “Gon’ Be.” The introspective song captures the everyday struggle of the south and perils of the music industry with a soulfully mellow beat riding like a slow stroll in the city on a cool night. “Sick and tired of struggling, on the corner hustling, shootouts and tussling, baby mama cussin’ me, these record labels f*ckin’ me,” Farrar sings on the hook.

The music video and short film, shot by Kevin Smith (Kosmic Shots) and directed by Farrar captures the vibe of the city and includes familiar locations like Queen City Wings in the historic Cherry neighborhood. “I was born and raised in Charlotte and have been working in the scene for five years so it meant a lot to be able to contribute to the culture in a big way. Deniro, Elevator Jay, and Lute have been legends here for a long time so it’s safe to say this one will go down in history,” said Smith.

Watch the music video for “Gon’ Be” featuring Lute and Elevator Jay from the forthcoming EP, Sole Food by Deniro Farrar.

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