Order/Fire presents a new series ‘DrinkOrder’ just in time for the holidays

 By Stephanie Hoyt

December 7, 2017

Currently with three seasons complete of Charlotte-based culinary video series Order/Fire, photographer and director Peter Taylor has created a spin off series: DrinkOrder. The popular Charlotte video series, Order/Fire, contains over fifteen episodes of casual conversations and interviews with notable figures in the restaurant and food community. Viewers learn the passions, techniques and plans of Charlotte’s top chefs, mixologists, farmers, purveyors and more. The new series, DrinkOrder, will feature host Bob Peters, head mixologist at The Punch Room in The Ritz-Carlton, as he uncovers the stories of the region’s best bartenders. Each mixologist has a unique history, the human ingredient that sets his or her drinks apart from the rest. “We’ve always included bartenders/mixologists amongst the purveyors that we want to feature. They all have super interesting stories too. It made sense to us that the cocktail culture was worth exploring as a spin off of the original orderfire,” said Peter Taylor.

Bob Peters of The Punch Room at Ritz Carlton

DrinkOrder is already bound to impress viewers with host Bob Peters. Peters is an award-winning mixologist who creates cocktails with innovative tastes evoking memorable experiences for his guests. Peters has been curating the cocktails at The Punch Room with unique seasonal drinks and creating a rotating punch of the day. The debut episode of Drink/Order will be a one-hour special featuring Peters with Charlotte bartenders Kel Minton of Soul Gastrolounge, Colleen Hughes of Haberdish, Stefan Huebner of Dot Dot Dot, and Brian Lorusso of Dogwood Southern Table and Bar.

The premiere episode debuts at Free Range Brewing, the location of most of the Order/Fire showings. Attendees will have the chance to meet the bartenders in the episode and sample their special featured drinks. A benefit raffle will also be held to raise money for Hospitality House, which provides affordable accommodations in the heart of Charlotte’s medical community for families with sick loved ones. “To us, the biggest positive from order/fire has been the money that we raise at each event, with our raffles, that go directly to local non profits. We’ve raised close to 20k since we started,” said Taylor. The libations are sure to impress aspiring mixologists and casual cocktail drinkers alike while the featured guests are bound to leave an impression and give valuable insight on the Charlotte food and beverage business.

You can grab a beer, sample top-notch cocktails and soak-in the human experiences and stories of head bartenders at some of Charlotte’s best restaurants and bars.

Learn more about Order/Fire and the DrinkOrder premiere on December 18

Here are two holiday cocktail recipes compliments of Bob Peters:

“Back in Black” photo by Kurt Shackelford

Back in Black Cherry


Lillet Rouge

Black cherry balsamic vinegar – Pour Olive


“Peppermint Julep” photo by Kurt Shackelford

Peppermint Julep

Kings mountain rye

Peppermint syrup (1 pound peppermint  / 14 ounces of water. Stir until melted.)


Crushed ice

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Video by Kurt Shackelford for CLTure

Check out the DrinkOrder screening premiere on December 18.

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