Evoke and Toska are educating Charlotte on truffles with a collaborative dinner

Evoke and Toska host unique truffle dinner experience

By Stephanie Hoyt

September 13, 2016

Truffles are known around the world as a rare and flavorful delicacy that can be sold for thousands of dollars a pound. That is a high price to pay for a fungus. On Thursday, September 15, Evoke restaurant and Toska Truffles are teaming up to bring these rich, earthy beauties to Charlotte for an affordable price. Chef Oscar La Fuente and Robert Reinken of Evoke are cooking up an exclusive six-course dinner and wine pairing using Toska’s truffles that are bound to impress.

Courtesy of Toska Truffles

Alex Toska of Toska Truffles entered the Charlotte market looking to help the city’s chefs on how to enhance their menus using truffles. These unique subterranean fungi can be added to a dish as a garnish or used as a main ingredient to add complexity and flavor. Chef Oscar had been introduced to truffles years ago when his mentor made him appreciate the foraged mushroom by creatively incorporating them into his dishes, instead of simply shaving them onto the plate. By teaming up with local chefs like Oscar, Toska hopes to educate both professional and home cooks on best practices when cooking with these uncommon, underground mushrooms. His website holds tips and guidelines to help with ideas to get started cooking with these culinary splendors. Toska’s goal is to familiarize his customers with truffles by letting them experiment at a reasonable price point.

The staff at Evoke, inside Le Meridian Hotel, is enjoying the collaboration on this dinner to make it a unique experience for all. The culinary tour will begin with truffle honey custard followed by a rabbit terrine. After the opening courses, you can enjoy a tasty wild mushroom tortellini followed by a rich lobster pot pie. Don’t fill up yet because the entrée will be a roasted veal loin served with root vegetable pave and truffle jus. If that’s not enough, leave room to try the chevre cheesecake with truffle honey for dessert! The wines are certain to enhance the already luxurious flavor of truffles in each dish. Whether you have tasted the famous truffle or have never seen one of these fungi before, this dinner is sure to be a treat. This is the first dinner in their three-part series which will focus on Perigord Black Truffles.

courtesy of Toska Truffles

The six-course set menu is guaranteed to take you on a flavorful journey while teaching you more about this “diamond of the kitchen.” Chef Oscar encourages diners to step out of their comfort zone and experience fresh truffles as the star of a dish. Evoke is known for its creative and delicious meats and pastas and always strives to be different. With the help of Toska Truffles, this dinner will bring new flavors to the table and the Charlotte food scene. This is a meal you do not want to miss and is assured to be an exclusive experience for any food lover.

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Check out the full menu:

Truffle Honey Custard
Rose, California 2014

Rabbit Terrine
Madeira Gelee, Truffled Brioche
Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl
Riesling, Washington 2014

Wild Mushroom Tortellini
Truffle Consommé, Enoki Salad
Zinfandel, California 2013

Lobster Pot Pie
Potato, Cauliflower, Truffle Velute
Beaujolis-Village, 2014

Roasted Veal Loin
Root Vegetable Pave, Sprouts, Truffle Jus
Torres Gran Coronas
Penedes 2010

Chevre Cheesecake
Truffle Honey, Poached Pear
Ice Wine

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