FILM SCREENING : Borgman – a Back Alley Film Series Screening

By Douglas Davidson

The Back Alley Film Series – quirky off-shoot from the Charlotte Film Society – prides itself on bringing the eccentric to straight to you. Whether it’s offbeat comedy, foreign thrillers, classic pictures, or risqué pictures typically only shown in L.A. or NYC, the Back Alley Film Series has only one goal – bring the latest, strangest films in cinema to Charlotte. This month’s film is no exception.


Screening this Thursday, July 10th, at the Crownpoint Stadium 12 is the Danish thriller Borgman. Directed by Alex van Warmerdam, Borgman tells the story of a vagrant who slowly, secretly invades the life of a family living in a wealthy neighborhood. From the outside, it seems like a simple quirky story of a mysterious man who comes upon a family seeking help, When the man of the house not only refuses assistance, but attacks him, Borgman seemingly relents and leaves. Not so easily chased off th0ugh, Borgman hides and takes shelter on the property until he is found by the lady of the house. She provides him food and some comforts, while hiding him to ensure he is not run off again. Over time, he is accepted by the lady of the house and her children which is when his true plans finally come into action and his malicious intensions known. Did I mention there’s also a subplot with a group of hobos that seem to be cutting the heads off of random people?

Is Borgman some kind of supernatural creature taken human form? Is he an imp playing tricks on those that he comes across? Or is Borgman something far worse? Hailed as a psychological masterpiece, grab your tickets quickly before they sell out to find out what does Borgman have in store. To answer all of these questions and more, keep your eye on Back Alley Film Series for more information on this and future screenings.

Screening Information:

7:30pm July 10 at Crownpoint Stadium 12

9630 Monroe Road, Charlotte, NC

$5 for Charlotte Film Society members,

$10 for non-members

Upcoming Screenings:

Moebius on August 28th

Frank on September 18th


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