Flagship returns to Charlotte for homecoming show

 By Delaney Clifford

August 8, 2017

After being on the road for several weeks, Charlotte band Flagship is returning to play the Underground on August 13. Supporting their new record, The Electric Man, Michael Finster and Drake Margolnick haven’t slowed down at all since the release of their debut self-titled full-length in 2013. Although the two founding members of the band came from very different backgrounds, they met growing up in Charlotte before connecting to create a soundscape that would come to life. Years later in 2017, Flagship has consistently toured and played the festival circuit, finding themselves in a variety of environments ranging from enormous stages at Shaky Knees Fest in Atlanta to smaller basements in San Francisco. “People [at festivals] have such a different energy. It’s almost like when you go to summer camp as a kid. You get super into the spirit of summer camp because you’re there, and you’re vibing with it, whereas when someone goes to a concert at night, they’re still very involved in their normal life, and sometimes it’s just a part of their daily life,” Finster said. “People at festivals just have a sense of escape about them.”

Drake Margolnick (left) and Michael Finster (right).

No matter what the setting, Flagship makes their music come to life with compassion and emotional drive that has an arena rock type of energy. Finster explained that the band’s ultimate goal has always been to “make music with a heartbeat,” and that’s exactly what they’ve accomplished with The Electric Man. Their self-titled full-length had, as Finster explained, “a lot more cooks in the kitchen,” citing the multiple musicians from a wide variety of backgrounds and training that had an influence and input on how the record sounded. “On The Electric Man,” he continued, “it was technically me and Drake, with our keys player, so really just the three of us writing in the studio, coming up with more ideas while we were doing demos for the songs we had already written…So it’s definitely a different sound.”

The Electric Man is full of new surprises from the band, exploring the ins and outs of spontaneity while in the studio, reflecting on past music, and working with a much smaller group. After finishing out this tour, Flagship has no intention on resting, immediately heading back out on another tour supporting Mondo Cozmo and continuing to play on The Electric Man, while also writing new music on the go. Festival goers should also expect to see Flagship on some lineups in 2018 as the band continues to make their break into a national audience one step at a time.

Michael Finster (left) and Drake Margolnick (right).

With such a tight schedule and such grandeur plans, it’s easy for one to lose track of their roots; however, Finster was sure to clarify that Flagship holds Charlotte in a special regard, and they’re very much looking forward to coming home to play, see old friends, and sleep in their own beds. As a community that has a lot of pride and love rooted in our local music, it’s safe to say that we’re just as excited to have them back, and intrigued by the possibilities ahead for Flagship.

Catch Charlotte’s Flagship on Sunday, August 13 at The Underground. Check out the remaining 2017 tour dates

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