What to eat at FloydFest

By Amber Donoghue 

July 15, 2017

Driving up the winding road hugging the curves of the narrow tree canopied road to FloydFest comes with much anticipation. Thoughts run through your mind: expectations you have, surprises you try to debunk before they reveal themselves. If it’s your first time, the untrodden environment may seem overwhelming, but rest assure that it feels just like home at the top of the hill. We’ve put together a list of our favorite fare headliners not to miss while you roam freely from stage to stage.

Red Rooster Coffee

Via Red Rooster facebook

You’re going to want to start each day here. Red Rooster is a partner of FloydFest and has a permanent structure on the mountain that acts as a full-service coffee shop all weekend long! Morning lattes, flat whites and Americanos can all be found at the coffee stand all day long. Catch a cup of locally roasted drip coffee and join other festival-goers at the charging station to catch up on battery life while chatting about the day’s events to come.

Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company

Chicken Fried Chicken biscuit via Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co. facebook

After comparing schedules with your new friends head over to Ozark Mountain Biscuit Company before they sell out of the Chicken Fried Chicken. A flaky homemade buttermilk biscuit is the vehicle for a buttermilk-dipped fried chicken topped with an over easy farm fresh egg, accompanied by sawmill gravy and greens. This is the breakfast Holy Grail of FloydFest. Another must have? Their Boss Hog biscuit is an ideal order if you are heading to the Bier Garden stage to catch an afternoon set.


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“Let’s call it happy food” is their tag line. Goatocado is perfect for a mid-day meal or light dinner. The Richmond-based business started as a humble food cart and exploded with popularity due to their high standards in ingredients and general passion for healthy eats. Starting with a base of naan and baby greens or organic quinoa you can stack your bowl with flavors from Italy, Japan, Vietnam or the Mediterranean. Vegetarians and vegans rejoice; this is your mecca for the weekend. No boring plant-based options here y’all.

Buchi Kombucha


After a while the water/beer balance to stay hydrated gets kind of weary. When you are ready for something different look for the Buchi Kombucha stand for some variety. This Asheville, NC fermented tea company was started by two moms who loved brewing this sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria. Having come together through the farmers market community and their children’s homeschool co-op these ladies found a way to turn their passion into a successful business. Revitalize your body and treat your immune system with an Earth Kombucha to repair the damage from the night before.

The Amish Baking Company

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Snacks? Yeah, you’re going to want to get in this line before late night shenanigans commence. Statesville, NC residents Sadie and Nate Peachey have turned an old family recipe into what feels like potentially the #1 reason you make the yearly pilgrimage to FloydFest. Doughnuts and pretzels– that’s the whole show! When you get to the counter you’ll find beautifully misshapen rings of light dough glazed in sugar coating hanging from wooden pegs. Next to these luscious treats are tangled crispy bread hearts in a lit case. These snacks are speckled with salt held to the golden outer shell by the perfect amount of butter. Treat yourself to a two course: pretzel and doughnut … or doughnut then pretzel. However you fancy. It’s freedom on the mountain at FloydFest.

Sugar Shack

The Thing. It’s the one food item you must try before you leave the mountain. This warm chewy pita wrapped in foil is filled with local fresh veggies, melted cheeses (and a farm fresh egg if you so choose to add one) and topped with a special tangy sweet sauce. It’s not fried or carb heavy, and there’s no sugar or cured meats in its makeup. It’s perfect. Order. Instagram. Hashtag. Eat. Once you’ve done this… everything else is smooth sailing.

There is a mountain top in Floyd, Virginia where a tribe of people gather each year to stand under the sun and listen to music, experience nature, and identify with each other on a very human level. They come to be free. It’s an experience that you carry down the mountain and hold tight all year while the world spins around you. These things remain familiar, like home. It’s waiting for you to come back and grab ahold of it. See you on the mountain and happy eating!

Check out the full 2017 FloydFest lineup.

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