Endless Summer tour brings some heat to the QC

By Amanda Cosenza

July 21, 2016

Things got wild at PNC Pavilion Tuesday night when YG, Yo Gotti, Logic, and G-Eazy came into town. From the very beginning of the night every performer was ready to party. Drinks were chugged, bras were thrown on stage, and everyone got really sweaty as they jumped around to each performer.

Before most of the crowd had even taken their seats YG was uniting the crowd in chants and encouraging everyone to be sipping on something. He then ended his performance by getting a little political by dropping his new song, “F*ck Donald Trump,” which he would later play one more time when he returned during G-Eazy’s performance.

Logic - Benjamin Robson-8673
Yo Gotti – Photo by Benjamin Robson

Yo Gotti came out yelling at everyone to put their middle fingers up. The sun hadn’t even set but that did not stop the party from taking off. Thrilled at the rebellion, the crowd jumped with their fingers in the air. Yo Gotti hyped up the crowd as the Pavilion filled up with a multitude of different people varying from guys in Bass Pro Shop hats holding beers to teenagers in chokers and crop tops dancing around on the lawn.

Logic came out with a mix of killer raps and positive messages. From the very beginning of his performance it was clear that it was all about Logic and his fans. Multiple times he called out members of the crowd, shouting out to one guy in a Logic hoodie even though it was at least 90 degrees. With a wide smile he asked a fan if he could keep the sign she made. He loved that it featured his Snapchat alter ego and made the lights on stage go off so he could show everyone that it lit up.

Logic - Benjamin Robson-2355
Logic – Photo by Benjamin Robson

He even recognized one fan because she and her mom and been front row at another show. Upon learning she was 17 he told her to have her mom call him. But this was all in jest; Logic made it very clear he was spoken for. He constantly shouted out his wife, who he married shortly before hopping on the tour bus. Humbled by his rapid rise to fame, he often paused to reflect on those who had helped him get to where he was.

His humility, like his talent, was impressive. If words per minute were a competition Logic would be an Olympic Gold Medalist. Showcasing his amazing skills, he consistently laid down line after line until the very end.  

Logic - Benjamin Robson-2394
Logic – Photo by Benjamin Robson

Then all the lights around the Pavilion went out as everyone turned on their phone lights. It created a beautiful glow while Logic delivered words of inspiration and humility. He reminded everyone that we are all special, we are all human beings, that it doesn’t matter how much money anyone has but it matters how we treat each other. Logic ended on his motto: “Peace. Love. Positivity.” It was a beautiful moment.

The performance ended on a high note as Logic brought Yo Gotti back out. The crowd exploded with euphoria as they played Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.” The two, along with Logic’s DJ, jumped around the stage feeding off the electric energy of the crowd. The performance climaxed as the hypnotic stage and light show took things to the next level.

Luckily, the crowd had some time to catch their breath before roaring with excitement as Young Gerald, or G-Eazy as most know him, took the stage.

G-Eazy - Benjamin Robson-2519
G-Eazy – Photo by Benjamin Robson

After laying down a few songs he checked in on the crowd to see if they were ready to party. Then smiling from ear to ear he exclaimed: “Well, let’s have a f*cking party then!” Hurricane Gerald blew through the stage as the backdrop displayed a tropical storm that matched the dark beats and powerful sound.

The screen rose into the air as bright white lights flashed rapidly resembling that of a spaceship taking off but, instead of a rocket, the screen launched into the air revealing a band. The fans, already enthralled with the performance, went wild. “We haven’t even f*cking started the show.” G-Eazy had everyone in the palm of his hand as he played a remix of “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G. The song ended with the drummer smashing a solo as the lights went out.

Then G-Eazy walked out under the spotlights like a championship boxer ready to defend his title as he told everyone that he means it. Two things were clear: it was hype and it was hot. Within two songs his jacket was already off. The Magic Mike vibes continued as the ladies in the crowd went wild as Young Gerald went from a jacket to a short sleeve button down to a plain white tee with suspenders to a white tank to completely shirtless by the end of the show.

G-Eazy - Benjamin Robson-2444
G-Eazy – Photo by Benjamin Robson

Partying with the crowd, at one point he took a whiskey break and said, “I hate when I’m drinking and they tell me I need to calm down.” It was a perfect transition into his next song, “Calm Down.” The crowd raised their drinks with him as the performance reached a peak. The lights and the crowd turned all the way up as he ended the show with “Me, Myself, & I.” The crowd couldn’t handle themselves. Bras flew on stage. G-Eazy jumped around throwing water out onto the crowd. The energy was explosive.

G-Eazy showed Charlotte that he’s not only a talented rapper but he’s got what it takes to deliver a commanding performance. The complete show was dynamic and exciting: with energetic openers, an artistic stage and light designs, a band, and killer performers. Next the tour continues up the east coast and then heads over to Europe in late August.

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