New Album Review: George Banda’s self-titled debut EP

By Lane Claffee 

August 22, 2016

The beginning of an artist’s career is always an exciting event because the audience gets to experience a new creative work and the musician has an opportunity to share personal feelings with the public for the first time. On August 26th, local singer-songwriter George Banda will release his self-titled debut EP through Charlotte based label, Croquet Records.  

Throughout the EP Banda takes a minimalist, one-man approach to the indie-folk genre. Banda sings in a soft spoken yet soulful voice reminiscent of Ray LaMontagne, while adeptly playing instruments like the guitar and banjo. His proficiency of these instruments comes as no surprise due to his background as a classically-trained musician. The second track, “Just For Love,” specifically shows this talent as Banda plays intricate lead guitar riffs while singing in a hushed, sentimental croon.  


The theme of love is constant in each song. Banda’s simple but emotionally honest lyrics in “Waste” revel in newfound romance, with examples like “I want to waste my life away on you.” While most of the songs in this collection address the positive, beneficial characteristics of being in love, “Sad Song” depicts the opposite end of the spectrum, about a relationship gone awry and the heartbreak coupled with it, exemplified with lyrics like “turn on the heartbreak, let the tears begin to roll / I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul.” Each song truly showcases both the sincerity of love and Banda’s own adroitness in songwriting and playing.   

Whether addressing the enamored beginnings of love, or the poignant loss of it, Banda provides a truthful handful of indie-folk songs with his debut release. It is a collection of sincere songs about the different facets of love, and with Banda’s minimal it gives the imagery of an open-mic participant that, surprisingly, turns out to be great.

You can pre-order the new album here.

Catch the George Blanda’s EP release party Friday at The Evening Muse

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