Gibson and Amped Guitar offering three months of Audio Augmented Reality guitar learning app for free

By CLTure News

April 5, 2020

Since stay-in-place orders have been in effect due to the current COVID-19 crisis, several music and technology companies have made available apps and services, for free. Moog and Korg started the trend by offering their portable synthesizers Minimoog Model D iOS and iKaossilator apps available in mid-March, and now guitar companies Gibson and Fender have stepped up.

While Fender is offering free guitar, ukulele and bass lessons on their Fender Play platform, Gibson has teamed up with Amped Guitar Learning, Gibson Gives, and Sweetwater (online music instruments retailer) to provide three months of the Amped Guitar online learning experience for free. The Audio Augmented Reality app is an intuitive two-way guitar learning tool that listens to your playing and adapts the lesson accordingly.

Courtesy of Gibson

“For us, this is like one giant love letter to anyone wanting to learn and we’re proud to team up with Gibson and Sweetwater to help people learn guitar. Amped Guitar allows anyone to pick up a guitar and get an energized experience in their first lesson. We teach beginners without making them feel like beginners, which is a very powerful thing,” said Daniel Katzenellenbogen, Amped Guitar CEO.

Here’s what you can expect from the free three-month premium membership to Amped Guitar:

  • Full learning curriculum with multiple genres, hundreds of guided lessons teaching you chords, soloing and songs
  • Immersive playing experience keeping you motivated to play and develop real skills
  • Step-by-step guidance based on AR
  • Play songs from some of the greatest guitarists in history including Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Santana, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Dolly Parton, The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Thin Lizzy, Brian Adams and many more
  • Guided learning path from basic skills to advanced guitar techniques
  • Real-time feedback
  • Amped animations and videos to teach you new skills and guide you in your learning
  • Track your progress
  • All lessons developed by expert guitar teachers
  • Flexibility – play anywhere and anytime you want
  • No cables or amps are needed
  • Plug in iRig to perform for friends

Learn more about Amped Guitar app below and the Fender Play platform on their official site. In addition, nationwide music schools like School of Rock offer remote lessons.

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