Watch Greg Olsen of the Panthers spit all of the lyrics to Nas’ “One Mic”

By CLTure News

August 13, 2017 (Updated)

Three-time Pro Bowler Greg Olsen is a man of many talents. Heading into his 11th year in the NFL, the 2016 Walter Payton Man of The Year runner-up has given us some light-hearted moments recently with fellow teammate and five-time Pro Bowl center, Ryan Kalil. In June, Kalil, who seems to have a passion for videography shared a hilarious video on Instagram mimicking Cam Newton’s epic birthday celebration.

Olsen also recently had an awkwardly funny moment on twitter with rookie Christian McCaffrey, sharing a childhood picture that resembled a young McCaffrey. Kalil recently posted an instagram video of Greg Olsen spitting the lyrics verbatim to the classic Nas song, “One Mic” from his 5th studio album Stillmatic.

Watch the full video by Ryan Kalil:

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