NEW MUSIC Premiere: Hungry Girl EP ‘Cool Shots’

By Lane Claffee (Cover photo by Justin Driscoll)

December 15, 2016

Since 2011, Charlotte rock duo Hungry Girl has been putting out their unique sound of high-energy, classic-reminiscent rock ‘n’ roll. With those to other long-time local bands such as pop-punk band One Another and Charlotte death metal group Columns, Hungry Girl returns with the release of their new EP Cool Shots, released through Refresh Records. Recorded at the Radpad by Powerstance, Cool Shots is basically a twenty-minute blend of garage rock, classic rock, and in a way, the feeling of shot-gunning cans of cheap beer at a packed house show.

The EP kicks off with the brash, pop-punkish track “Kix,” which shares the energetic, raw characteristics of their sister-band One Another. The next track, “Beasters,” shifts to a tougher, riff-centric rock ‘n’ doll sound with plenty of guitar solos, and similar vigor to Every Time I Die’s later career. “Inevitable Doubt,” the following track, sounds like a garage-rock ballad, with its rough-around-the-edges delivery and it’s relatively somber lyrics, like “I’ll never have a lover that treats me like I want ‘em to.” The song is a slight break from the constant guitar shredding and loud distortion, but keeps their overall rugged sound. “Bio-Dome” reverts back to the heavier riff-driven party rock ‘n’ roll sound, and is probably the heaviest song on the album, with the chugging guitar and the callback to 80’s arena rock guitar solos. “Great Success” tackles the subject of the battle between artistic integrity and succumbing to the music industry’s ploy to market an artist’s music to the largest audience possible. With lyrics like “give into the formula / to make your dreams come true / even when you don’t believe in the path you choose,” the song talks about following the usual, hackneyed formula that the mainstream music industry follows to make as much money as possible. The EP concludes with the banger, “The Croup,” which revisits the tough riffs and indulgent heavy metal guitar solos one last time.

Jimmy (Drums) and DeDe (Guitar and vocals). Photo by Justin Driscoll

Overall, Cool Shots ranges from hedonistic party metal to poignant garage ballads, and musings of the artistic process put through the capitalist blueprints and formulas of the music industry. It delivers the same exciting heavy metal, garage rock-tinged sound that you’d expect from Hungry Girl, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Catch the EP Release party on January 14 at Snug Harbor.

Listen to “Kix” off the new EP Cool Shots by Hungry Girl and pre-order via Refresh Records.

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