Interview: Iliza Shlesinger

By Alison Tracy

May 4, 2015

Iliza Shlesinger is a comedian who can be described as that cute girl you went to high school with, but also that girl everyone was a little afraid of. She is quick-witted, sharp tongued, and will catch you off guard with a level of blunt sarcasm previously undetected while she bounces through subjects in her set. Topics can range from the ins and outs of being female, to psycho ex-boyfriends, to a level of partying rivaled only by Nick Swardson. She is often seen with her rescue dog, Blanche, whom she also uses in her act to playfully mock those gut wrenching Sarah Mclachlan ASPCA commercials.


Iliza has a Netflix special now streaming titled Freezing Hot, and is currently on tour with her first visit to Charlotte in May. I recently got the opportunity to talk briefly with Iliza in regards to her upcoming shows in Charlotte, and true to comedic form, she is just as blunt in person as she is on stage.

CLTure: How did you get into comedy? Did anyone in particular make you feel like you could or should do it?

Iliza Shlesinger: I always knew I’d be in comedy, I was bad at math, and not tall enough to play volleyball.

CLTure: I’ve seen you use Blanche [her dog] in your act from time to time, do you take her with you a lot?

IS: I try to take her to just about every show. I’m taking her to Vegas soon. If I don’t take her with me, she gets destructive.

CLTure: I saw your bit on “This is not happening” about “Lying Brian”, and you really opened up on Joe Rogan’s podcast about your ex and some of the outlandish things he did. Was it hard for you to talk about your previous toxic relationship in a public forum?

IS: I sat on it for a while, and found the funny in it, as initially it wasn’t funny at all. Some bits you do for things like that. What’s crazy about it is how many people have gone through the same thing and will tell me about their experiences.


CLTure: I also saw on the podcast that you said you don’t date comedians. Why don’t you date comedians as a rule?

IS: The ones that are attractive only date models, and the ones that aren’t, I don’t want to date. I don’t want to roll over the next day and hear, “Was that funny?”. No, what we just did is not funny.

CLTure: What future projects are in store for you?

IS: I’m currently working on my third special, and working on three TV shows. I can’t say what they are right now, but I can say that it’s one late night show, one cable show, and one network show. I can’t say more than that right now.

Iliza Shlesinger will be at The Comedy Zone May 28- 30th.

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