Interview: Scott Krueger of Elliot Root

By Katy Wilkie

August 8, 2015

Elliot Root is an American alternative music group formed in 2011 and is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Despite their name, there is no one named Elliot Root in the lineup; the band is made up of Scott Krueger (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Sean Truskowski (drums, vocals), Justin Smith (Bass, vocals, keyboards), Todd Bond (guitar) and Melissa Mattey (keyboard, sampling, vocals).

Elliot Root has faced the competitive Nashville music scene head on with their eclectic mix of poetic lyrics, changing soundscapes and unique rhythms, making them one of this year’s most-watched new acts. With their distinctive sound and high-energy live shows, Elliot Root has landed opening slots on major tours with the likes of Michael Franti and Spearhead and the Zac Brown Band.


Currently, Elliot Root is opening for Good Old War, and will make their stop in Charlotte at The Visulite Theatre on August 12.

CLTure recently had the opportunity to chat with vocalist, Scott Krueger, about finding success in Nashville and what fans can expect from Elliot Root as they continue to take the spotlight.

CLTure: Is there a moment that can be pegged down as the time that Elliot Root really came together for the first time as a band?

Scott Krueger: I would say the recording of our second EP, “2”. It isn’t the first time we played together by any means, but it was when the beginning of the vision came into realization.

CLTure: It’s no secret that there are a lot of other musicians in Nashville trying to make their “big break” into the industry.You’re a relatively young band that has gained tremendous momentum in a short period of time, what do you personally think makes Elliot Root stand out from the rest of the crowd?

SK: I think it really just takes a bit of luck to be seen or “discovered” in any city– and especially Nashville. So far, we’ve just been as honest with our music as we can be, and thankfully, people have responded.

CLTure: Elliot Root has toured pretty extensively this year between opening for the likes of the Zac Brown Band and Michael Franti and Spearhead, to being on the bill of several large festivals (including Hangout Fest), what have those experiences been like for you? What event of 2015 so far has been a “wow, we’re really doing this!” moment for you?

SK: This year has been amazing so far. Every new experience has been a wow moment. We are a young band, so every opportunity is a victory. I hope every time we step out on stage to play music, whether the crowd is large or intimate we can keep that same “new” feeling.


CLTure: You have three EP’S out,”ER/EP” “2” and your most recent release, “Thoughts from Yesterday”, are there any plans to hit the studio and release a full length album next year?

SK: We would love to keep putting music out as fast as we can create it. There are many plans for next year and a full length album is certainly not out of the question.

CLTure: You’re currently touring with Good Old War; what can people who have never experienced an Elliot Root show expect to see from your live performance?

SK: We would love for people to be able to let go for a moment. You can expect to see a band doing the best they can to lay it all on the line, for that purpose. We are always chasing after that big exchange of energy between us and an audience.

CLTure: What do your plans for the rest of this year look like? Can fans expect to see you out on any tours after the tour with Good Old War wraps up?

SK: We definitely plan to be on the road through the end of the year. We have a few festivals to finish out the summer and some things in the works for fall. Hopefully headed your way soon.

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