It’s OK To Give A Shit – Dollar Signs new video “Try Hard”

By Shirley Griffith

June 29, 2015

Count on Charlotte punk outfit Dollar Signs to infect your ears with catchy melodies while cleverly giving you an anthem about the state of the world today. All while filtering their music through their strategic self-deprecating humor. The raucous, string-breaking versus spring-breaking, pizza-worshipping band has done it again with their newest video, “Try Hard.” The band has been steadily expanding their discography in the last few years with the releases of “Endless Bummer” (2011), “Death of the Party” (2013), and now the upcoming “Yikes” record, out July 21st. Dollar Signs bring a sharp clarity to pop-punk and a DIY feel that appeals to fed-up, out-of-the-box, rowdy intellectuals. Their lyrics offer biting takes on political and social issues that would be right at home as a special on “The Daily Show.” The energetic “Try Hard” video and song is a newer perspective from the band. This is made especially clear when the band shout-outs a motto against the placid “whatever” attitude that runs amongst wallflowers too cool to care, saying that “it’s OK to give a shit.” Being the most punk rock can also look like being the least punk rock, and that’s what Dollar Signs have purposefully done in their video. Filmed with excerpts from a band field-trip to Lazy 5 Ranch, where they feed emus and play with baby goats, in contrast to live footage of their riotous Snug Harbor residency in May. The video is a classic representation of the band’s vibe: To have fucking fun doing what you love and never worry about getting caught up in taking yourself too seriously.

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