Junior Astronomers release new song “6 Weeks In India”

By CLTure

August 9, 2015

Charlotte band Junior Astronomers recently released a much-anticipated single through their imprint Fancy Talkers. This is the band’s first release since their dynamic 2013 full length debut Dead Nostalgia.

Photo by Neesmith Onzeur

The new track “6 Weeks In India” is a gritty and melodic jam about about a personal relationship. The song’s loose and brilliantly abstruse guitar riffs and styling fit the mold of their truly unique brand of music.

The band also announced they were releasing a 7” EP, “Thank You” through Charlotte record label Self Aware Records in the very near future. The release will be limited to 300 7″ records (in the first pressing) on randomly mixed vinyl.

We had a chance to chat with band vocalist and frontman Terrence Richards.


CLTure: When do you anticipate the new full-length coming out?

Terrence Richards: I’m not quite sure. We got the 7″ coming out pretty soon from Self Aware that’s our main focus release wise right now. We’re motivated to get an LP out soonish though.

CLTure: What is the song “6 Weeks in India” about?

TR: Normal relationship shit. I named it “6 Weeks In India” because the girl it’s about left for India for said amount of time and I thought it sounded cooler than the other ideas I came up with.

CLTure: You have your own imprint and releasing the album through Self Aware. Can you tell us a little bit about the imprint and your partnership with Self Aware Records?

TR: Fancy Talkers will release singles for Junior Astronomers and for artists that we really care about in Charlotte. We already have the idea of the next artist single we’ll drop hopefully beginning of next month. We just wanted something to do, to push us and our friends forward. It’ll be only digital for a while but we want to put out as much dope music as we can and help them get premiered on dope sites (like this one right here wink wink). Self Aware was just a no brainer for the 7″. Josh and Sarah have done so much for the Charlotte music scene and have been helping so many bands out that we definitely wanted to do a project with them. Their level of professionalism through this whole project has taught me a lot and will help with further Fancy Talkers releases.

Photo by Neesmith Onzeur

CLTure: Where was the new EP recorded? Any cool collaborations or producers we should know about?

TR: Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC with Kris Hilbert. We’ve done our last three projects with him so its always great to go and visit. He’s been a huge help to us since the beginning.

CLTure: What else can we expect from JA in the fall, winter and 2016?

TR: Well, we’re going start playing more shows again and finish that album. Making a bunch of music videos for the songs we got coming out! Oh and we’re working on starting a late night television show at the crib so be on the look out for that!

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The new track “6 Weeks In India” by Junior Astronomers.

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