K.Flay sells out Charlotte again with Yungblud

 By Jared Allen 

March 28, 2018

The last time K.Flay headlined in Charlotte, approximately a year ago, she sold out Visulite Theatre. Friday night, she graduated to The Underground at the NC Music Factory across town and sold out once again. It seems as if that’s become the norm for the ever booming singer and songwriter ever since releasing her Grammy nominated, sophomore record Every Where Is Some Where in early 2017. She’s reaping the fruits of her labor and for good reason, the “genre-defying” artist puts on a heck of a show.

The Every Where Is Some Where Tour opened with rising English musician Yungblud. When he began to attract attention a year ago, an anonymous source described his style as “the spitfire suburban poetry of younger Arctic Monkeys and Jamie T, fused with a healthy touch of ska and hip-hop spirit.”

Yungblud photo by Jared Allen

That’s a good place to start when discussing Yungblud, however it doesn’t encapsulate the raw emotion and energy the youthful musician brings to stage. He’s wild, in the strictest definition of the word. From off the cuff F-bombs to flying through the air with mic in hand to kissing his bandmate, Yungblud is flat out unfiltered live and it’s a joy to watch. His own blend of alternative rock isn’t bad either.

Yungblud’s style seamlessly flowed with K.Flay. Both artists share a unique style that’s unlike the majority of the artists dominating the music scene today. When it comes to K.Flay, her distinctive style draws from lo-fi pop and hip hop, yet is bolstered with a strong indie component. She boasts this unrivaled alternative hip-hop sound with undeniably catchy lyrics, revealed in tracks such as “Make Me Fade” and “Giver” – two that she opened with at The Underground.

K.Flay photo by Jared Allen

As the set carried on, K.Flay introduced fans to some perhaps lesser known tracks in her discography such as “Champagne,” “Wishing It Was You” and “The Cops.” While each song still had The Underground singing along, they were low key moments compared to the high key moments when K.Flay broke out “High Enough,” “FML” and “Blood In The Cut.” The floor exploded with intensity for the songs that likely initially caused fans to gravitate to the artist. With “Blood In The Cut,” the room when black with the exception of the few red floodlights on stage that backed K.Flay and her band.

K.Flay photo by Jared Allen

The entire show featured a lighting aesthetic that complimented each song differently. While the majority of the night unleashed an upbeat, carefree, party-like vibe, K.Flay’s powerful lyrics, which are evident in every song, took full effect in her closer “Slow March.” In the artist’s signoff, she bid farewell to her loving crowd with a heartfelt message.

“Every day is the start of something. Let’s march towards something different, something better. You guys take care of yourselves. I’ll see you next time.”

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