How KAABOO is changing the way people think about music festivals

jpg7bmqa By Ashley Armstrong

September 15, 2016

Festival season sparks a flood of events that often blur together in sound and environment. But some festivals set themselves apart entirely. KAABOO Del Mar is a prime example of that. Located on the coast of Del Mar, California, KAABOO has taken the typical festival formula and added a handful of unique elements and experiences. The lineup alone is insane (we’ll get to that in a moment), but it’s not the only reason to grab a ticket. The fest combines diverse music, world-class comedy, fine dining, and art installations in an effort to create a complete and total sensory experience. It is easy to understand what KAABOO means when they call themselves an “un-festival.” By adding art and cuisine and removing long lines and porta potties, this event is raising the bar for venues everywhere. Did we mention there’s a pool? There’s a pool. Let’s dive into the seven things you definitely can’t miss at KAABOO:

Get down:

16-kaaboo-full-lineup-poster-8-5x11_8-24-e1472085097756Seeing that this is a music festival, we’ve got to start with the tunes. This lineup- oh this beautiful lineup! Kaaboo combines genres and generations to deliver an eclectic music buffet. Big names like Lenny Kravitz, Hall & Oates, and Aerosmith all share the stage throughout the weekend. If you’re looking for folk rock music, Shovels & Rope, Jason Isbell, The Avett Brothers and Shakey Graves tear it up throughout the weekend on the Trestles stage. If rap is what you want, Snoop Dogg and Ludacris will perform back to back acts to get you bouncing and leaning. Looking for some good indie rock? Cold War Kids, The Struts, and GROUPLOVE have you covered.  DJs like the legendary Steve Aoki will take the Encore stage for a late night party. Whatever it is you’re looking for, chances are, it’s at KAABOO.

Feast your eyes:

KAABOO’s mission is to appeal to your five senses. We’ve covered hearing- with exceptional and eclectic sounds. Additionally, the festival offers art installations of all sizes. Sight? Check. Guests can enjoy numerous contemporary public art installations by internationally known mural and sculpture artists. Some pieces of art are built beforehand while others are created live onsite during the event. If you want even more, Kaaboo has set up an indoor contemporary art fair. Check out the full list of mural and sculpture artists. 

Just feast:

Most festivals offer snacks and meals from food trucks and vendors. KAABOO has taken it a step further with an upscale culinary environment that includes renowned chefs and cooking shows that both feed and entertain. On Saturday, a Rock’n Chef Competition will take place from 12pm-5pm, so show up hungry. Treats such as craft cocktails and artisanal chocolates are also offered on the grounds. Check out the full list of chefs and food vendors. Bon appétit!

Have a laugh:

Kaaboo has arranged an impressive lineup of comedy acts for the weekend. World renowned comedians such as Dana Carvey, Sarah Silverman, and Cheech & Chong will perform at the festival’s indoor air-conditioned venue. Check out the full lineup of comedy. 

Take a dip:

poolside-kb-1-1-1200x727Outdoor shows in the summer are hot. My only complaint at any festival has been the fact that standing in the heat for hours can take its toll. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I wish I could watch this show from the comfort of a cold pool?” Well, good news! You can bask in the sandy beach area that offers cabanas and an exclusive bar. I’m slightly convinced that KAABOO is too good to be true. Here is more info on Bask beach area.

Treat yo self:

Activities at Kaaboo include spa treatments and a blow-dry bar to give guests luxurious indulgences while they are on the grounds. Speaking of luxury, KAABOO also offers indoor plumbing. Live music lovers, you know this is rare. Flushing toilets? TP? Yes and yes! Be prepared to feel like royalty. More info on the KAABOO spa and relaxation zone.

Get hooked:

After you’ve heard, seen, tasted, and experiences all that KAABOO has to offer, chances are you will want to go ahead and grab your tickets for another round. Why wouldn’t you?

More info on KAABOO Del Mar

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