LANY seems to have a thing for Charlotte, as Paul Klein charms another sold-out crowd

 By Keely Caulder

June 12, 2018

Alternative synth-pop band LANY seems to have the whole package. The talent, the moves, the looks, the passion, and the energy. Combine all these features and you’re bound for inevitable indie-pop success. Becoming an online sensation with the releases of “ILYSB” and “Super Far,” both of which have over 100 million streams on Spotify, frankly changed band members Paul Klein, Jake Goss, and Les Priest lives. From writing and recording in a LA bedroom, to touring with artists such as Troye Sivan, X Ambassadors, John Mayer, and Ellie Goulding, to playing nearly every large-scale festival including Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Coachella, to releasing their debut self-titled album, the band has had a whirlwind of a year. They were fully prepared to play a sold-out show in Charlotte.

Paul Klein of LANY. Photo: Keely Caulder

The stop in the Queen City was a part of the last string of shows in support of their debut album. Beginning on May 27 in El Paso, Texas and ending on June 24 in Newport, UK, the band hit up cities that had yet to hear the album live. However, this was not LANY’s first time in Charlotte. Playing NoDa’s Neighborhood Theatre last May, the band was ready to reunite with fans and share the new material.

The band originally met in Nashville, TN and started writing music here and there for fun. It wasn’t until lead singer Paul Klein moved to Los Angeles and invited Goss and Priest to move into his one bedroom apartment, the band got serious with their music. They lived together for a year making music full-time until signing with Interscope Records.

An hour before doors opened, the line had already reached the corner of The Underground and was heading around the street. Having been to many sold-out shows at the Fillmore, this was a site to see on an otherwise quiet Sunday evening in Charlotte.

Sean Reilly and Jack Kenworthy of Colouring. Photo: Keely Caulder

Opening for LANY was London based alternative band, Colouring. Like LANY, signed with Interscope in 2015, the band released their first EP, Symmetry in 2016. The band is made up of lead singer, Jack Kenworthy accompanied by Sean Reilly (guitar), Dom Potts (bass), and Alex Johnson (drums). Experimenting with many different rhythms and adding their own style of alternative electro-pop, Colouring appealed to the liking of many LANY fans.

Shortly after walking onstage and speaking just a few words, the British quartet quickly had fans swooning over their accents and charm. They sang a majority of the songs from their discography during their short set.

Although playing piano during each song, Kenworthy refused to remain sedentary. Jumping up on his seat and dancing whenever he got the chance to feel the energy of the audience, he appeared to be having as much fun as the fans. The band played many of their more well-known songs such as “Heathen” and “Time” before ending with “Everything Has Grown.”

Paul Klein of LANY. Photo: Keely Caulder

When it was LANY’s turn to hit the stage, the screaming and excitement had intensified and turned into extreme fandom. When lead singer Paul Klein entered the sight of Charlotte fans, the crowd went wild. The band opened up with “Dumb Stuff,” coincidentally the first track off their debut album. The sound of rain trickling echoed through the venue as the spacey intro set in. The band then led straight into “4EVER!,” making sure not to forget about their older material early in the night.

When it came to dancing and interacting with the crowd, Klein was fearless. While Goss and Priest remained onstage, Klein ran from side to side, jumping, kicking, dancing, and skipping at one point. He went from laying on the floor to catapulting himself off speaker boxes to interact with the fans. Klein even made friends with the security guard during “Purple Teeth,” putting his arm over the guard’s shoulder with a “Lean on Me” vibe. The fifth song of the night was “Made in Hollywood,” and Klein jumped onto the barricade to serenade and lock eyes with more fans. Holding crowd members hands to balance himself, the venue pushed up as far as they could to be closer to Klein.

Paul Klein of LANY. Photo: Keely Caulder

After taking a look at the original setlist, it appeared as though the band changed their minds during the show. Originally not intending to play “Overtime” or “Purple Teeth,” Klein had sneaked them into the setlist. Spending some time talking to the audience, Klein expressed the band’s love for Charlotte: “I think this is the biggest show we have played on this tour. I’ll never forget the last time we played. I love you so much.”

Finishing with “ILYSB,” the Fillmore was turned into one giant communal singalong. Not a single member in the crowd failed to remember the words. For many, it was the song that first led fans to LANY and therefore had a sentimental place in each of their hearts. As they exited the stage, fans left “flowers on the floor” as many threw roses onstage to express their gratitude. If there’s one thing to be said, LANY takes nothing for granted and have continued to remain humble through their recently flourishing career. Their effervescent love for fans and ability to create a communal atmosphere at shows will only continue to contribute to their ongoing success and exponential fanbase.  

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