Longshoreman Releases Debut Album

By Elizabeth Thomas

June 2, 2015

Longshoreman is the solo project of former Charlottean and now-Brooklyn-based Aaron Hodges. While listening to Longshoreman’s self-titled debut album, one word in particular kept coming to mind to describe it: ethereal.

The mellow, synth-rock album takes the listener on a transcendent journey, in which by the end, one would most certainly feel enlightened.

Longshoreman’s first release “Breaking You” builds and builds until it bellows like a well-balanced choir crooning harmoniously to the very last pew in the balcony.

“The Photograph”, the nine-minute fourth track on the latest album, fuses upbeat, techno-like melodies, crescendoing vocals and an electronic synth sound reminiscent of an organ in a church.

The entire album is hauntingly beautiful and delicate and offers a fresh sound and take on the devotional genre.

Longshoreman is now available on vinyl or as a digital release through Black Meadow.

Animation by William S. Davis

Hodges worked with Charlotte-based Small Creatures, a production company, to create a hand-drawn animation to promo the new album, and it will definitely leave you, much like the album itself, completely enamored.

Longhsoreman is Hodges’ new effort after Holy Spirits, which released two EPs and a critically-acclaimed split EP with Mutual Benefit.

Hodges was a Charlottean in the early 2000s before moving to the Big Apple, where he studied acting at the prestigious Circle in the Square Theatre School where Philip Seymour Hoffman studied. Rounding out his creative abilities, Hodges was the lead male performer in choreographer Dean Moss’s ‘Nameless forest’, scores films and has years of experience developing, recording and producing music.

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