Loose Leaves Pile Together

By Audrey Baran

October 10, 2015

Autumn weather is finally here, and as the trees turn from green to brown, we are reminded of the impending task of raking up all those lovely fallen leaves. It seems like a boring job, but just remember the fun and whimsy of jumping into a freshly organized pile of leaves, only to scatter and collect them once again. On October 17 and 18 at the Duke Energy Theater at Spirit Square, 14 choreographers will similarly be swept together to present 11 dance pieces in the Loose Leaves Showcase. The Fall edition of this bi-annual concert is sure to be a beautiful collection of dance works of various shades, forms, and textures.

Established and produced by dancer/choreographer Salena Mable Stamp, the Loose Leaves Showcase is an opportunity for local choreographers to present diverse work and for audiences to get a taste of the Queen City’s growing dance scene. Upon moving to Charlotte from Philadelphia in 2013, Mable Stamp recognized the struggles of emerging choreographers to find venues for their work, whether due to lack of connections, finances, or a readily available dance company. In an effort to cultivate artistic growth and encourage the development of the dance community in Charlotte, she created the Loose Leaves Showcase last year. The simple application process welcomes submissions from choreographers of any style or background from the Charlotte community, which results in one cornucopia of dance, featuring modern, contemporary, hip hop and Afro-Russe styles (so far).


The upcoming concert will mark the first anniversary of the Loose Leaves, and also demonstrates the production’s relatively quick success. Previous venues for the showcase held 50 chairs, and in the last show this spring, both weekend evening performances were standing room only.

By moving to the Duke Energy Theater, which seats around 200, Mable Stamp is allowing the scope of Loose Leaves to continue to grow in terms of quality of work presented and breadth of its audiences.

The choreographers and companies showcased this year are Perlizbeth DeLeon, Amanda Grant, Sarah Lanners, Alexandria Nunweiler, LeDarius Parker, Megan Payne, Mackenzie Smith, Brianna Susan Smith, Camerin Watson, Yesseña Whitfield, THE MARK dance company, MufukaWorks Dance Company, Wingspan Dance Company, as well as the producer herself.

Don’t be intimidated by the long roster of contributors though, as the pieces are short, and the dynamic concert runs just about an hour-and-a-half. In keeping with Mable Stamp’s vision, Loose Leaves is melting pot of various dance styles and artists, a tasting platter of movement and inspiration. Like a bunch of Autumn leaves that can at first seem disconnected and overwhelming, when you finally get them all together, their individual colors and shapes create a beautiful, harmonious, and FUN experience. Get your ticket now and jump on in!


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