Mac Miller is all grown up

By Lindsay Kosma

December 4, 2015

This is not the same Mac Miller we all remember– the kid from Pittsburgh who writes about “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” and “Senior Skip Day.” The rapper, musician and producer has taken that childlike spirit, styled and refined it to create a new Mac Miller, who just released his third studio album, first with a major record label (Warner Bros.) and who regularly collaborates with several of hip-hop’s most influential musicians and producers.

His newest album, titled GO:OD AM, which was released in September, shows us a more disciplined, transparent and light-hearted Mac. Though the subject matter still revolves around success, love and drugs, it is not at dark as his previous work, notably his mixtape Faces. It is written as if he has come through all of his struggles and matured to a place where he can reflect and find inspiration. That is this album; it is his victory lap.


The many artists who have contributed to the album like Tyler the Creator, Thundercat and Miguel aren’t new to the byproducts of fame, and those commonalities marinate together to form a uniquely well-balanced sound and diverse production. Miller, an East Coast Formalist and lover of polysyllabic internal rhymes, is becoming more established and experimenting with his style by bending flows and implementing unexpected instrumentation. He is smart about what features he draws on and implements from his influences–such as the ethereal synth in the song “Festival,” which features Little Dragon and rich horns and sleepy, swinging beats on “Two Matches” which features Ab-Soul.

Mac will be touring the GO:OD AM album with fellow Northeast rapper out of Boston, Michael Christmas, who just released his first album What A Weird Day and has been getting a lot of praise and recognition from nearly every significant hip-hop blog. Earthgang, consisting of Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, will bring the heat from Atlanta to the tour as well. The duo released the song “Monday” with Mac Miller earlier this year and it was featured at #10 on Billboard’s Emerging Artists list.

Mac Miller_Nick Walker
Photo by Nick Walker

This new and improved Mac Miller is sure to be the one who shows up in Charlotte at The Fillmore on Tuesday, December 8 as part of his tour. Equipped, now, with the experience, supported by some of the most influential names in music, and fueled by this newly lit fire, he will undoubtedly offer an unforgettable performance.

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