Want to make a difference? Meet and eat with your Charlotte city and county officials

 By Jacqueline Parker

September 28, 2018

When was the last time you felt your voice made an impact in your community? Really, take a mental poll for a quick second. Maybe you’ve responded (in kind, of course) to not-so-nice neighbors on Facebook or Nextdoor. Perhaps you’ve raised hell in your friend group about the new unsightly development down the street. You might get into a lot of heated debates about gentrification and our transportation system. Who knows? More importantly, who wants to know?

Your city leaders do.

Charlotte’s Meet & Eat community engagement sessions, hosted from October 4 through 29, are designed for just these reasons. Sure, you can speak your mind from the comfort of your computer screen, but you can really make a difference when you use your words to make positive changes in your community and talk directly to city officials who are making those decisions.

On six occasions throughout the month of October, decision makers from key Charlotte-Mecklenburg departments will hold open meet and greets to chat with local citizens just like you about the city’s most pressing needs. A short list of city departments who will be at the meetings include:

  • Charlotte Department of Transportation
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
  • Charlotte Water
  • Mecklenburg County Park & Rec
  • Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services
  • Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor
  • Mecklenburg County Child Support Office

These are low-key, informal sessions where you can talk about ideas and air your (polite) grievances to the people who you elected into office. You can grab a meal, sit next to some new and discuss issues that have been on your mind. How cool is that?

Dates and locations are listed below. Times are 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., so it’s a convenient time to accomplish some real change right after your work day. You can also register for social services such as senior citizen and low income programs, and even get a free blood pressure and diabetes screening. Register to attend a Meet & Eat event near you.

October 4: Albermarle Road Recreation Center, 5027 Idlewild Rd. North, 28227
October 9: Arbor Glen Recreation Center, 1520 Clanton Rd., 28208
October 18: Elon Recreation Center, 11401 Ardrey Kell Rd., 28277
October 23: Charlotte Innovation Barn, 932 Seigle Ave., 28205
October 25: Ivory/Baker Recreation Center, 1920 Stroud Park Court, 28206
October 29: *Rescheduled from October 11 event at Sugaw Creek Rec Center

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