Miami Dice release vintage 1970’s style music video shot in Plaza Midwood

 By Delaney Clifford

July 5, 2017  

Charlotte-based groove heroes Miami Dice are back with their latest music video and, when it comes to niche aesthetic, there are few that can rival this group. The three-piece outfit (Shaun Olson, Josh Faggart, and Scott Weaver) has remained consistent in their ‘70s-inspired brand of synth pop over the course of two albums, and this song is no exception. After establishing a unique sound with their debut record Premium Cut, the band moved on to release their latest mixtape, Venus in Retrograde. The two projects seem to function as mirror images of one another: eerily similar, but just different enough to keep our attention. As per usual when it comes to a band’s sophomore release, the group has pushed boundaries and ventured into new territory with their already eccentric sound, portrayed perfectly in their new video.

The late ‘70s and the early ‘80s are time periods that we often reference for the glamour and hedonism that they invoke. There is a distinctly stylish feel to that time period, both in fashion and music that we enjoy. It’s more about creating a mood and a moment in time that is not so obsessed with being current,” said frontman, Shaun Olson.

L to R: Josh Faggart, Scott Weaver, and Shaun Olson

Titled “I Just Want to Know,” a song from 2016’s Venus in Retrograde, the video follows a fan throughout the course of her day, beginning with a photoshoot, moving onto a quick cocktail, and ending at a live Miami Dice show. The video features some prominent Charlotte locales such as Soul Gastrolounge, Studio 1212, and Snug Harbor, incorporating some of the hometown gems that have contributed to Miami Dice’s vibe, both in their visual appeal and in their music. Starring Nathalia Garcia Ross as the main character, the video was shot, directed, and edited all by local filmmaker and photographer Enid Valu, an artist who clearly understands the mood that Miami Dice is trying to captivate through their music. The slight nuances of “cigarette burns” throughout the video and the general grain with which the video is edited fall perfectly in line with the ‘70s cinematic feel of the song, conveying an overall essence of glam, flash, and grime. Making incredible use of color and framing, Valu’s collaboration with Miami Dice has brought 2017 back to 1977 in the best way possible.

Shaun Olson of Miami Dice

The group is currently writing songs for their next album and working with Charlotte’s Elevator Jay on a new track. You can catch the premiere of the Miami Dice music video for “I Just Want To Know” tonight at the Bugalu party at Petra’s.

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