Miami Dice releases Deluxe Edition of Premium Cut *Exclusive Download*

By Shirley Griffith

August 5, 2015

This Saturday night, Miami Dice brings their incomparable party vibes to Snug Harbor for the re-release Deluxe Edition of their 2014 album Premium Cut. With unique supporting acts Josh Cotterino, Patabamba and renowned DJ AHUF, the night is already staged for an electric affair.

Premium Cut

The previously released Premium Cut was a brilliantly intense, dark-sunglasses and synth-washed album worthy of the regional acclaim it received. However, the band has big yachts harboring on the horizon and the release of ‘Deluxe Edition’ (which includes 4 bonus tracks and guest vocals by Enid Valu) better exemplifies each member’s strengths within the project.

Remastered by Jesse Clasen (HRVRD), the new release is a polished jewel of the original. The three-piece band has taken the year to gain exposure, tweak their live performance and dress their sound the way they dress themselves: flawless.

Shaun Olson, Scott Weaver and Josh Faggart. Photo by Enid Valu

‘Deluxe Edition’ is a sexed-up version of our psyches that walks into a room and cranks up the entertainment. ‘So The Night Goes’ is an immediately chill strut whispering “Dice, dice, dice” like cutting eyes with a stranger in a dark lounge before disappearing into the night. Classy synth beats groove against the well-dressed, scotch-drinking bass in ‘Flying Saucer’ while gin and tonics spill out blonde beats. Enid Valu adds fluttering, silvery vocals to ‘Alkaline’ against acid synths dancing in the background. ‘Condo View’ is a high-rise sunset that vaporizes slowly into the evening before the streetwise guitar of ‘No Remo’ steps out and tour guides the album through ‘80s nostalgic monuments of funk.

Josh Faggart, Shaun Olson and Scott Weaver. Photo Enid Valu

The neon soundscape of Miami Dice shines through with each track bringing more energy to the engagement. The focus and consistency are also notable within the album, which never derails into a drunken, messy shenanigan. Instead, ‘Deluxe Edition’ is the pure sensation of atmosphere and prompts the listener to live in the moment, carefree and alert. The album recognizes its re-energizing vitality and in doing so, creates a graceful, effervescent cityscape all its own.

Download the ‘Deluxe Edition’of Premium Cut until August 7th exclusively through CLTure.

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