Listen to Asheville band Midnight Snack’s sweet art pop sound in “Shadow Chaser”

By Julie Smitka

March 17, 2017

After graduating from college in Boston, relocating to Asheville, NC and constructing a recording studio in a home they share, Midnight Snack has completed Child’s Eyes, their third full-length album, expected to be released this spring.

The now five-piece, self-proclaimed “art pop band from North Carolina,” formerly consisting solely of brothers Mike Henry Johnson (guitar, synth) and Jack Victor (vocals, drums), has grown to include friends Peter Brownlee (bass), Katie Richter (vocals, trumpet), Zack Kardon (guitar), and an inoffensive blend of muted bass and brass.


Midnight Snack’s latest single “Shadow Chaser” released this January was featured as one of NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest submissions. The sincerity of the performance coupled with the lyrics’ mild vocals yet evident coming-of-age message reveals the band’s youth, impressionability, and efforts to find and establish themselves musically if not personally. The official music video for the single also serves as a nod to the band’s youth; flashes of their home movies taking place outdoors appear under lyrics comparing self-discovery to natural phenomena:

You don’t have a choice
You don’t have control
Blowing in the wind

Walking in the rain
You will find yourself
Changing like the dirt
Underneath the stream
Puddle on the ground
Water in the street
Someone else’s skin

Coming over me


From their own biography: “Midnight Snack have developed a varied and eclectic sound, [Child’s Eyes] offering the most personal and introspective of their lengthy discography.”

Listen to “Shadow Chaser” by Midnight Snack

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