Comedians Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher want to give you relationship advice

 By Michelle Wheeler

November 14, 2017

Comedy fans will recognize Natasha Leggero not only from her 2011 stand-up album Coke Money and 2015 Comedy Central special Live at Bimbo’s, but also her frequent television appearances on shows such as Are You There, Chelsea?, @midnight, DICE, and Another Period. Most recently, she and her husband, fellow comedian Moshe Kasher, have been co-headlining a tour that features a can’t-miss recipe for hilarity: jokes and relationship advice. Leggero and Kasher will be filming for their upcoming Netflix special in Austin at the end of November. Leggero answered a few questions for us to prepare Charlotte audiences for what will surely be a unique comedy experience!  

Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher photo by Robin Van Swank

CLTure: You studied theater as a kid, but when did you realize your heart was in comedy?

Natasha Leggero: After going to a bunch of dramatic auditions in LA, seeing how the actors acted in the waiting room, all taking themselves so seriously, was a bummer. Then I went to a comedy audition and all the people in the waiting room were making jokes and having fun and I remember thinking “I want to be around these people!” And then I tried it and noticed people were laughing so I just kept doing it.

CLTure: A lot of comedians hang out with comedians, but you’re actually married to a fellow comic and you guys have been touring together this last year. What has that been like?

NL: Well, it’s still like living with a regular man – he leaves his socks everywhere and can’t find his wallet or keys.

CLTure: Has converting to Judaism from Catholicism affected your material? Are there bits that work better or don’t work as well on the other side of that conversion?

NL: Now that I’m Jewish, I’m much funnier.

CLTure: Do you think there’s anything that’s off limits for comedians?

NL: I don’t think people should make fun of the president. JK! I mean, when we elect a president who was caught on tape saying it’s fun to grab women by the pussy I don’t think anything is off-limits if you can make it funny.

CLTure: What do you think is the audience’s responsibility or role at a comedy show…besides laughing of course?

NL: To not be using their cell phones during the show – even if you think you are hiding it, we can still see it!

CLTure: You’ve done several TV series as well as stand-up, notably Another Period for Comedy Central and DICE for Showtime. Both of those shows serve as commentary for the culture we live in and the craziness of the past few years in America – is that an important message for you personally to share and/or a critical comedic space to explore?

NL: Well, I created Another Period with Riki Lindhome, and it is baffling for us to see how people were living 100 years ago and all of the mistakes that they made, and how we are STILL making the same mistakes. The show takes place in the Gilded Age and a select group of people in America were so rich they were living like rappers. Then they introduced income tax and it was all over. Today the rich are still living like this – they’ve just all figured out how to legally not pay income tax! BTW Season 3 premieres in January alongside Drunk History on Comedy Central.

CLTure: Have you been to Charlotte before?

NL: This will be my first time in Charlotte. In general, I like the South – people are funnier!

CLTure: You and Moshe are gearing up for a new comedy special, to be recorded later this month. Will Charlotte audiences be getting a preview of that material?

NL: We are shooting our Netflix special in two weeks and Charlotte audiences will be our last show before the special, so yes! Moshe and I each do a short headlining set and then we both come on stage and do live relationship counseling with the crowd. Bring your spouse!

CLTure: Looking ahead, what are you most excited about in 2018?

NL: I’m pregnant, so I guess cleaning lots of diapers and spit-up?

Catch Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher at The Comedy Zone Nov. 16-18 and lookout for their Netflix special coming soon.

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