Nerd CLTure – November

By Eric Cutchin

We all nerd out every once in while, and that’s okay. But in true nerd fashion, you must do your research. Here are some of our recommended “Nerd CLTure” events for the month of November.

Warbirds over Monroe November 7 – 8 

$15 for adults, $5 for veterans, $10 for age 12 – 18, and under 12 are free.

Take a step back in time and experience the golden age of flight at this annual gathering of vintage airplanes. Each day will feature speakers and music by re-enactors of our 20th century wartimes, from WWII all the way to Vietnam. The main events are the aerobatic performances that start each day at noon, where you’ll witness the pilots doing loops and rolls that will get the crowd excited. So, fly on down to Monroe and be amazed while also appreciating what our veterans have done for us.

Aerial CLT Student Showcase November 8, 6pm to 9pm at The Chop Shop

Tickets at $10 at the door. 5 and under are free

Nerddom is about being a fan of something you love and making it your life. That’s what the ladies and gentleman of AerialCLT do. They spend most of their free time learning how to fly on silks or spin on the lyra. If you don’t know what silks or a lyra is then you should go to the fall student showcase and watch them fly hard.

Time Travelers Weekend November 14 – 15 Carolina Renaissance Festival

Children ages 5-12 are FREE with a donation of school supplies

This time of year, nerds from all over converge on one place: the Renaissance Festival!  For two months, you can see knights, fairies, orcs, and wenches. But on one of those weekends time travelers from all of space and time descend on Fairhaven. You’ll see stormtroopers, Klingons, Doctors (multiple versions), and maybe even a Delorean.


Almost Homeless Comedy Show November 11, 8pm Comedy Zone


Speaking of the Renaissance festival, ever wonder what the people who work there are like in real life? If you guessed nerds, then you’ll fit right in at this comedy show featuring members of London Broil, Ded Bob, the Vegetable Justice guys, a knight, and the only girl they all know.  There will be many jokes about life as a rennie, but also life as a nerd. Level up!

Geektopia IV: Retrorama Totally Tubular 80’s Party November 27 8pm to 2am The Rabbit Hole

$5 (in costume) / $10 (come-as-you-are) 18+ (valid ID required)

Put on your acid wash jeans and tease your hair for this trip back to the decade that spawned a generation of nerds. Zuul will be spinning your favorite ‘80s tunes while the best movies of the decade play on the TV screens. You can even snag a pic of some legendary vehicles like the the Ecto-1. I pity the fool who misses this party!


Dark Knight 3 Release Party November 28 2pm to 5pm Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find


You can’t talk nerd without mentioning comic books. You could say that comic book enthusiasts are also art nerds. Yes, they read them for the stories, but some also really appreciate the effort put into the art of the comic. This event celebrates one of those artists, Brian Stelfreeze, as he contributes a variant cover for the release of Dark Knight 3: The Master Race.



Also check out:

Sneaker Con Charlotte November 7, 2015 12 pm to 7 pm at Charlotte Convention Center

Sneaker Con is the premier traveling event for sneaker connoisseurs to buy, sell and trade some of the most sought after footwear on the market.



How the Story of MASH Began in Charlotte: The 38th Evac in World War II Sunday, November 8 3:00pm at The Duke Mansion 


Colonel Raymond W. Whittier (right), Commanding Officer, with Major George T. Wood, Executive Officer.

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