Here’s what we’re watching on Netflix this month

By CLTure 

November 23, 2018

Our writers are dedicated to guiding you toward the very best entertainment in Charlotte and beyond, especially if you can watch to avoid talking politics after Thanksgiving dinner. Our staff writers and creatives will help you sift through the myriad of options on Netflix to help you find very the best movies, documentaries, and TV series. Here is what we’ll be watching this season:

Ozark (series) – Jason Bateman is so good at playing the “straight man” in comedy that he took that same type of character and placed him in a drama– and it works! Bateman (who also directs a few episodes) stars as Marty Byrd, an accountant who gets caught up in a money laundering business and ends up moving his family to the Ozarks. As one can imagine, life isn’t easy for the Byrds in the sleepy vacation town in Missouri. Between the cartel and local drug dealers, the money laundering business becomes a family one. With twists and turns that are up there with Breaking Bad and a season 2 that is just as good if not better than the first, now is the time to catch up! – Jessica Owoc, Film Writer

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (movie) – The Coen Brothers are America’s greatest living filmmakers. Ok…they’ve made a handful of missteps, but their filmography is essentially a catalogue of unimpeachably perfect films including The Big Lebowski, Fargo, Raising Arizona, A Serious Man, Miller’s Crossing and No Country For Old Men. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a collection of shorts based in the mythic American west and it has just about everything you’ve come to love about a Coen Brothers film: gorgeous composition and cartoon rhythms, bleak humor and indelible characters. This latest offering glories in the strange incongruities of our American myths. –  Matt Cosper, Arts Writer

BASEketball (movie) – When it comes to the holidays, if sports aren’t on the tv, chances are you’re watching a sports-related flick. Rocky, Rudy, Remember The Titans – these are all great, but the sports film of all sports films is now available at your fingertips: BASEketball. From the director of Airplane! and featuring an extremely young Matt Stone and Trey Parker (of South Park and The Book of Mormon fame), BASEketball is a film that lampoons all the things audiences love and hate about sports. So if you’ve never checked out this 1998 gem, gather the family close and dig into the ridiculousness that is this R-rated sports farce. – Douglas Davidson, Senior Film Writer

Altered Carbon (series) – This series hit Netflix in early 2018, and this sci-fi aficionado ate up all episodes in the span of 48 hours. Based on a cyberpunk/science fiction hybrid novel by Richard K Morgan, Altered Carbon takes place in a dystopian future where technology has made death a thing of the past. A person’s being — personality, memories etc — can be loaded on to a metal disc called a “stack,” and in the event of physical death, can be uploaded into a new body, or “sleeve.” Besides being a terrifically original story, the best thing about this production is the detail involved in the world that is created. It evokes great memories of sci-fi classics like Blade Runner, while at the same time creating its own original space in the sci-fi world. It’s terrifically detailed, and beautifully made. Altered Carbon is not for the faint of heart, yet the series can be enjoyed by anyone – but sci-fi lovers in particular should gobble it up. – Bill Mazzola, Film Writer

American Vandal (series)This is for those of you who claim to like watching crime documentaries like Making a Murderer or the Amanda Knox story but you also make the occasional poop joke at the dinner table. Join Sam and Peter as they uncover the truth behind two heinous school crimes: the dick vandal and the turd burglar. Two brief eight-episode seasons make this a quick watch and a good laugh and not so long that the jokes become unbearably cringeworthy. Don’t get me wrong though, an entire mockumentary dedicated to finding the “Turd Burglar” comes with its fair share of cringe. – Robbie Geyer, Photographer 

Bodyguard (series)This Netflix acquired BBC production about a war vet police sergeant (Richard Madden aka Robb Stark from Game of Thrones) who becomes the specialist protection officer for the UK Home Secretary (the equivalent of the US Homeland Security chief) is a compelling exercise in intensity from the very first scene. However, what initially appears as a well-written, expertly directed 24/Homeland-ish counter-terrorism actioner soon layers into a rich and twisty, PTSD-driven psychological thriller. With just six breakneck-paced hour-long episodes, a tryptophan overdose is no match for this politically charged suspense fest. – Jonathan Shuping, Film Writer

The Informant! (movie) – A nonfiction story of price-fixing and white collar crime, and the deceitful whistleblower who brought it all to light, might have become a stuffy drama in the hands of most directors. But cinematic genius Steven Soderbergh saw the core absurdity in a true story about a corporate truth teller who couldn’t tell the truth, and made perhaps the world’s zaniest business thriller, complete with citrus colored cinematography, bouncy flute music, free associative voiceover, and a mustached Matt Damon in the lead role. The Informant! is an offbeat experience, but hey, it’s a weird time. Doesn’t 2018 seem like the perfect year for this: a increasingly bizarre true story about an orange-tinted liar with an uncertain amount of power? – Dan Cava, Film Editor

Black Panther (movie) – 2018’s highest-grossing movie Black Panther made an early debut on Netflix in September. The 18th in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, the Ryan Coogler directed superhero film is packed with great visuals and a narrative fit for the holidays. With the recent passing of legendary comic book writer and creator of the character Black Panther, Stan Lee, Wakanda may be where the universe wants you to spend your food coma laden holiday season. – Cameron Lee, Editor-in-Chief

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