New Politics at The Fillmore Charlotte – October 16th 2014

By Katy Wilkie Photos by Carter Short Oct. 19th 2014

New Politics stopped by the Fillmore in Charlotte on Thursday as the headliner on the Everywhere I Go tour.

David Boyd Photo by Carter Short

New Politics is a dance-rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark that relocated to the U.S. in 2009. The band consists of members David Boyd (lead vocals), Søren Hansen (guitar/bass/vocals/piano) , and Louis Vecchio (drums). They have released two albums: New Politics in 2010 and A Bad Girl in Harlem in 2013. Widely known as the band who most recently opened for Fall Out Boy and Paramore on the Monumentour, but in Charlotte they proved they can hold their own as headliners.

Søren Hansen (guitar/bass/vocals/piano)

Most rock bands create chaos in the crowd in the form of mosh pits and crowd surfers, but not New Politics, instead they turned the Fillmore into a dance floor. Lead vocalist, David Boyd, led the crowd by example as he himself became a bouncing frenzy on stage. Boyd continued to rile up the crowd throughout the set with his suave break dancing moves and series of back flips. Guitarist, Søren Hansen, contributed to the chaos on stage with his guitar throwing which had the audience screaming in approval. Mid-set featured a drum solo via drummer Louis Vecchio which had the crowd screaming louder than they had all night while they fist pumped, clapped and danced. New Politics played a 17 song set-list, including the crowd favorites: Just Like Me and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah and Harlem along with songs from their new album Vikings which will be released in February 2015. The audience created a positive, energy packed atmosphere the entire night and the band reciprocated, vocalist David Boyd even stopped to say “Charlotte, this is magic in the making.”

Photo by Carter Short

The band slowed it down towards the end of their set with the piano ballad, Stuck on You, led by guitarist and vocalist, Søren Hansen. However, the slow song didn’t stop the the crowd from interacting with the band as they belted out the words “what did I do? What did I do? To get my mind stuck on you” just as passionately as they were being sung by Hansen and slowly waved their arms back and forth to the beat of the song. Hansen admitted to the crowd that before taking the stage they were nervous he said “ our hearts were pounding because we didn’t know what to expect out here, but you guys are great. We love you!” Their energy translated into the crowd and left the audience yearning for more as the set came to a close and New Politics didn’t hesitate to give it their all during their encore which consisted of Fall Into These Arms and Harlem.

Photo by Carter Short

It was when they got to the very last song of the night, Harlem, that the dance party really set off. Hands were waving into the air and bodies bounced on the balls of their feet as the crowd sang back “just like you, like me, like everybody else” while vocalist, David Boyd, crowd surfed to the center of the audience and finished the set while standing on the hands of the audience. From the smiles that were permanently plastered on their faces and their enigmatic energy, it was evident throughout the entire set that each member of New Politics was having a great time, and judging from the amplitude of the yells of the crowd all night, so did the audience. New Politics can be caught on the rest of their tour with SomeKindaWonderful and Bad Suns.

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