Noveller brings an enchanting experience to New Frequencies at McColl Center

By Lindsay Kosma

February 28, 2017

Creativity comes in many forms for Brooklyn-based filmmaker and composer, Sarah Lipstate. With her solo electric guitar project ‘Noveller’ she is stretching boundaries and blending mediums to create her own unique expression. She will be bringing this enchanting experience to New Frequencies at McColl Center for Art + Innovation this Thursday.

Noveller’s work is indeed, a new frequency. If listened to blindly, one may be surprised to find that the sound is coming from a sole guitar. The guitar, which she manipulates to reach the farthest corners of its potential, has been Noveller’s medium of choice since she began exploring it with a looper and a delay pedal in college at the University of Texas.

“I’d watched video of Thurston Moore play his guitar with a baseball bat on David Lettermen and seen Glenn Branca make his guitar shriek with primal ferocity in a grainy black & white video. These were my touchstones.” said Noveller.


She has a range of projects, her most recent being A Pink Sunset For No One, her eighth studio album which was released February 10 of this year. The project features her iconic, experimental soundscapes but with an introduction of synth and percussion.

“I absolutely feel my way through an experience through music. It’s a constant score to my own life so, of course, when my music takes shape into the form of a song it’s imprinted with my experiences. “

The opening song “Deep Shelter,” which was loosely inspired by her European tour with Iggy Pop in 2016, begins the album on an upbeat note. Though, with some of the more somber pieces like “Trails and Trials,” “Rituals,” and “A Pink Sunset For No One,” which were written while Noveller was visiting her family in Louisiana over the holidays in 2015 after dealing with a hard breakup, the listener gets a full range of emotion.

Lipstate’s artistry extends beyond music and, apart from Noveller, she has pursued filmmaking with her short films being screened at SXSW Film Festival, Cinematexas, Kyoto International Film Festival, and more. She has also produced a plethora of film scores for works such as The Skeleton Twins (2014) starring Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, and Tribeca Film Festival Winner, Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors (2013).


“I studied film in college and received my bachelors degree in radio-television-film.” said Noveller. “When I had to make short films for my Experimental Film Foundations course I scored them myself. I later had the great opportunity to learn about film scoring from my friend and highly accomplished composer, Nathan Larson. I love the power that sound has to create or enhance a narrative.”

Even though she is touring her brand new album she isn’t slowing down. “I’m about to begin scoring a feature-length documentary which I am really excited about. The filmmaker shot it all on 16mm film and it looks stunning.”

Experience Noveller this Thursday, March 2 at New Frequencies at McColl Center.

Listen to A Pink Sunset For No One by Noveller:

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