7 acts at Phuzz Phest we are looking Phorward to

By Shirley Griffith 

April 14, 2016

This Friday and Saturday April 15-16th, Winston-Salem hosts its 6th Annual Phuzz Phest, a downtown music festival  with over 50 bands spanning just about every genre the current music scene has to offer. In 2011, friends Phillip Pledger and Anthony Petrovic separately booked multi-act shows in the same weekend, in the same town. Deciding to roll with it instead of competing against one another, Phuzz Phest was born and given the earnest name of “the accidental festival.” This spirit of working together, community, and enthusiastic love of music over all else is what gives Phuzz Phest its heart and uniqueness, and also why the festival has quickly grown into one of NC’s most anticipated musical weekends.

Thee Oh Sees

One of the outright major treats of the weekend will be catching Thee Oh Sees first and foremost on Friday evening. Rulers of mutilated psych, manic drums and riotous vocals, Thee Oh Sees set the tone for purposefully chaotic fuzz bands emerging within the last decade. Their scrappy garage rock sound is colorful and textured; a vivid and feisty world to step into.  (Friday at 9pm at Bailey Park)

Neon Indian

Disjointed but breezy summer night vibes of Neon Indian are brought by Texas multi-instrumentalist Alan Palomo. In the realm of chillwave & Daft Punk, Neon Indian creates magic of sounds with each wave cresting brightly into the next. The mesh of rhythm and beats are instantly memorable and wiggle themselves into your head, a table-for-one dance party reserved in the frontal lobe. (Friday at 10:15pm at The Millennium Center) The

Naked Gods

Hailing from Boone, Naked Gods warbles garage psychedelia into a rocking surrealist’s storybook. Weaving West coast to East they manage a cruising, classic Manifest Destiny groove with sincerity and conviction. Their 2015 self-titled album is a glistening day spent gathering the sun into your own prickling skin. Naked Gods is a sweeping crush; nostalgic to when discovering music was an all-consuming, unquenched thirst. The layered, soft vocals and flaunting experimental guitar tones set the perfect space for the melodies to dance in their own fuzzy, warm atmosphere. Don’t just take it from me though– Marc Maron gave their album a shout-out just last week and that man’s got damn fine taste. (Saturday at 7pm at Bailey Park)

Body Games

Haunting, pretty, and substantially fascinating, Body Games is an electronic duo from Carrboro, NC. Sampling and covering everyone from Wilmington’s Museum Mouth to Mariah Carey to The Beach Boys, the duo drives the songs into uncharted territory with careful, deliberate sutures of melody and form. Catchy, enchanting, worrisome, and heartbreaking all rolled into one, Body Games inhibits an accessible cerebral talent and by far one act I’ll be sure not to miss during Phuzz Phest. (Saturday at 7:15pm at The Millennium Center)


Chairlift is energetic and poppy with a twist of stylishly experimental innovation that is often referred to as avant-indie. Originally formed to create music for haunted houses, the trio now lives in Brooklyn working with the likes of MGMT and Yeasayer. Even Queen Bey enlisted Chairlift members to collaborate on her 2013 album, Beyonce, specifically for the song “No Angel” which was written and produced by Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly. Chairlift, and their 2016 album Moth playfully meshes the carefree uninhibitedness of dancing around your room singing into a hairbrush with the technical savvy that only comes from expertly navigating the dance-infused, sugary landscape of today’s pop. (Saturday at 10:15pm at The Millennium Center)


So it’s late Saturday night and you want to keep the party going? What better way to reinvigorate your entire body than by catching Boulevards’ groovy, styled funk set. Boulevards (Jamil Rashad) is a dancing, soul-lifting party. Drawing from roots in R&B, hip-hop, and soul, Boulevards encapsulates the old school funk with irresistible synth and prancing bass vibrating under the pop hooks of Rashad’s velvet-rope vocals. (Saturday at 11:45pm at The Garage)

Mauve Angeles

The very last set of the official Phuzz line-up is none other than Mauve Angeles, the solo project of Spirit System guitarist, Eric Gilstrap. A brooding, black Russian night-cap, Mauve Angeles is dancy, dangerous, and sensually captivating. Gilstrap lullabies psychotic synths out to play through the fog with laser-show intrigue and ringing, beautiful melodies. The beats are ghostly moans and sway against their own dark terrors in a lo-fi Eraserhead-esque horror film. Wear black and disappear into the night with the bewitching send-off.  (Saturday at 12:15am at Single Brothers Bar)

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