Quiet Company at The Evening Muse

By Katy Wilkie

November 22, 2015

The line was meandering down the sidewalk Friday night at The Evening Muse as shivering twenty-somethings waited to get into the intimate venue for the 10 pm show featuring Quiet Company. The Evening Muse was dimly lit with strand of lights, hand crafted art adorned the walls and the venues logo lit up in red behind the stage. The bar was immediately flocked and drafts were poured to the customers as they waited for the show to kick off. Quiet chatter filled the void while the band set up for what would be a captivating, energy packed set.

Quiet Company hails from Austin, Texas and is made up of Taylor Muse on vocals and guitar, Thomas Blank on guitar, Drew D’Entremont on drums and Bill Gryta in synth/keys. The band is a unique mix of Beatles meets Death Cab for Cutie, but ultimately with a sound that can only be described as Quiet Company; they’ve honed the  perfect mix of pop, indie-rock. Their eclectic sound, enormous talent and unrivaled live performances have landed the band in the company of the likes of Blue October, Third Eye Blind and Cheap Trick.

©The Life You Love Photography
©The Life You Love Photography

Quiet Company promptly took the small stage and brought life to The Evening Muse.  The set was filled with instrumental breaks that grew more intense and louder with each passing song, effectively displaying each member’s individual and mutual talents. The band’s front man, Taylor Muse, let the energy flow from his body from the get-go and never slowed down. Whether he was dancing on stage or hopping into the crowd with the mic stand, Muse kept the intimate audience captivated throughout the band’s performance which included a nice dose of songs off of the band’s newest album, Transgressor. Though, it wasn’t really until the band busted Elton John’s classic “Bennie and the Jets”  did the crowd fully immerse themselves in the band’s performance and begin to mimic the energy. Muse encouraged the crowd to sing “Bennie!” back to the band as loud as possible, exclaiming “tonight, I believe in you Charlotte!” With beers in their hands, the audience members reciprocated with “Bennie!” echoing in response every time Muse sang it. Muse wandered through the crowd with his mic pulling in audience members to sing along with him, he effortlessly kept the crowd involved.  

The night as a whole was bustling with raw energy, Quiet Company brought a unique rock sound to the stage of The Evening Muse and proved to be talented musicians worth taking a shot on. There’s no doubt that this band is on the brink of creating something huge and they’ve got a refreshing brand of music to offer the world.

For more on Quiet Company visit  www.quietcompanymusic.com

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