Eco-friendly fashion show, ‘Repurposed’ returns to Warehouse 242

 By Jacqueline Parker

February 21, 2018

By this time, many of us have tossed aside our new year’s resolutions. Sure, they were made with good intentions like better health or becoming more creative, but sometimes they’re just so darn difficult. What if you could enhance your quality of life, help save the environment and your community, and look awesome while doing it? Seems daunting, but you might be surprised how easy that is to achieve.

Just ask Davita Galloway, the organizer for this year’s second annual #RepurposedCLT fashion show and auction. Last year, Galloway was approached by Denada Jackson and Brandi Williams of the City of Charlotte’s Solid Waste Services as part of its Healthy Communities Program. Jackson and Williams wanted to create a fun, educational and inspiring fashion experience for the community, so Galloway partnered with Goodwill Industries to create an upcycled fashion show using second-hand items. The show featured 18 local designers and raised over $1,500 to support area nonprofits.

Davita Galloway

Not only was the success of the first show important for the organizations it supported, but it was beneficial for the community. Anything we can do to keep more trash out of the earth is essential to a cleaner environment and a healthier you. It might not seem like a big deal, but as clothes decompose in landfills they release harmful greenhouse gases (think: methane and carbon dioxide) which contribute to climate change. In 2013 alone, over 15 million tons of clothing and other textiles were sent to landfills.

“Not only can you prolong your wardrobe, you can prolong your life,” Galloway said.

Each designer will bring his or her unique vision to the event by showcasing up to two garments or outfits. Some are new to the show, but you can also expect some old favorites from last year to grace the catwalk. Galloway’s excited to see looks by design house Silk Falsetto, as well as local DRC ApeParel, who created an upcycled clutch in 2017 and will be putting together an entire look for this year’s show with help from Rustic Aura. Other designers include Davonn Collie, LaToya Stevens, Oh My Donna, Tonette Sadler, Brianna Gardener, Shawn Glover, and many more. Make sure to take note of what you see because you’ll have an opportunity to bid on the clothing at the end of the show.


In addition to giving designers an extra opportunity to feature their designs, #RepurposedCLT is upping the ante with more upcycled goods of a non-wearable variety. Thanks to creative vision by Kyle Gates of Alchemy: the workshop, the furniture shown at the event will also be up for auction. If you’ve been looking to clean out your space or feng shui your office, this might be your chance to get some sweet deals and good vibes.

This year proceeds will benefit CrownKeepers, an organization dedicated to creative sustainability in Charlotte. Located on The Plaza in Charlotte, this nonprofit provides hands-on experience and trade-based education for those seeking artistic and creative outlets and opportunities. So, any purchase you make at the show will continue to benefit those in your community. You can look good, feel good and do good at all once.

Galloway hopes that, by the end of the event, guests will feel motivated to do some of the same. “When people see these items we’ve been able to create,” Galloway said. “We hope that they’re inspired…You can create something and put your individual footprint on it.”


It’s that stamp Galloway is hoping to influence with #RepurposedCLT. By taking time out of your day you can be both creative, inspiring to those around you, and good for the environment.

This year’s #RepurposedCLT fashion show and auction will be held at Warehouse 242 at 2307 Wilkinson Blvd on Saturday, March 10 from 5-7 p.m. Hosted by Charlotte’s own talent coach, Jennifer Michelle, with music by DJ SPK of 92.7 The Block. Tickets are currently on sale and will most likely sell out, so get yours now at EventBrite.

*City of Charlotte SWS and #RepurposedCLT is a proud media advertising partner*

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