Review: Hollis Brown 8.10.15

By Daniel Coston

August 11, 2015

“I think that you guys are about to get rained on,” said Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz as he looked out at the darkening clouds at the Uptown Ampitheater. That same sentiment also applied to the band that opened for Duritz on this evening, Hollis Brown.

The five-piece outfit have all the hallmarks of a great band in the making. A lively, rootsy sound and vocal harmonies to tie it all together. Singer Mike Montali and lead guitarist Jonathan Bonilla have a two-guitar sound that sounds very familiar to fans and they strike some classic guitar poses to boot.

Photo by Daniel Coston

While I first heard of the band through their 2014 album Hollis Brown Gets Reloaded, in which the band covered all of the Velvet Underground’s classic 1970 LP, Loaded, it was nice to hear that Hollis Brown’s original material also grabs your attention.

Photo by Daniel Coston

Songs off of their new album, 3 Shots, dominated the band’s set on this Monday night, which thankfully held back the rain until Hollis Brown left the stage.

The band’s set was all of 25 minutes on this evening. Not long enough to overwhelm the headliners on this night, but long enough to leave listeners waiting for more.

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